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Beguiled by Night by Nicole Eigener

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This book is hard to describe. It's part horror, vampire tale, paranormal, drama, with some romance sprinkled in. It's one of those books you can't dive into much detail without spoiling the story. I went into this one blind (as I normally do) and had fun with the story unraveling and learning about the characters. It's the story about a vampire and his life, the good and the bad. There's plenty of vampire lore here for vampire and horror lovers but heart and passion to satisfy those who love drama and love stories. There's something here for everyone.

I almost didn't believe this was Nicole Eigener's first novel, it doesn't read like a first time novel. We had a group read for this book and were lucky to spend time with Nicole to talk about the book and her creative process, it was a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to anything Nicole Eigener does in the future.


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Beguiled by Night can be found on Amazon

Nicole Eigener's website


My author conversation with Nicole Eigener:


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