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Happy New Year! Reading Goals for 2022




Hi All!

Happy New Year! Although according to Larry David, it may be a little too late to be able to say that!

We did start the year off with covid, so that was it's own adventure and I haven't done much of anything yet. Technically my year starts now. Take that Larry David!  😂

We are all doing much better and on the upswing, by the way.


My main New Year's resolution for 2021 was to READ MORE. More specifically read more romance, because that was always my genre of choice.  Not only did I read more than I ever thought I would (122 books!), Thanks to @Steve I broadened my horizons and found that I enjoy reading dark fantasy/grimdark and horror! I also made some amazing new friends along the way!

I am always hesitant to make New Year resolutions, I never end up sticking to them and make them so unattainable leaving myself disappointed in the end.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Who needs that, right?! But I have to say I am excited I stuck to that goal and read more books. I guess if the resolution is an enjoyable one, you are more likely to attain it?

Achieving that goal made me more excited to add more to the list this year. So here is my list of goals I plan to set for myself this year:

1. 

It worked out great so I'm sticking with it!


2. Keep a reading journal! 📝

I have found that I want to know things about my reading. How many pages did I read? What genre did I read most? Independent or traditionally published? Buddy read? Audio book, hard copy or ebook? Library, from my own shelf, or did I just buy it to read it right away? Also, what was the book about and how did it make me feel?

So I am embarking on a newish journey this year... A reading journal! I started a journal last year and DID NOT stick with it. But so far thanks to many of the people in this community I have some accountability buddies. Thank you to The Council of High Ladies!

Here are a few pictures of what I have going on, it is just a start and I have not an artistic bone in my body, but I am having a good time and making it my own. I really hope to share more as my journal progresses. Also, I took these pictures from my bed... again, covid 😂








3. Blog more! 💻

I think blogging more will help me in my effort to keep track and remember the stories that I read. I am never good either at reviewing books. I think blogging and reviewing a book would help me to get some much needed practice with that.  I am hoping I can improve in that area.


4. Read books that I already own, read more library books, and make more use of my Kindle Unlimited and Audible accounts. 💰

I am not saying I will not buy new books. That would be impossible. I love buying books and am in no way interested in stopping. I think it is just a fun personal goal to see how much use I can get out of the resources already available to me. I have a fun new way that I plan to build my TBR each month this year and it will include my use of these services. More on that to come, I am hoping that will be my next blog post.


5. Last but not least..... Read more romance! 💖

While I have found that I do love branching out and am enjoying different genres, I still SO love my romance. And sadly I started to get to a point where I was reading very little romance, and I miss it so much. I hope to make it at least half of my TBR each month. I am kicking that off in February with an entire month devoted to reading only romance (with the exception of a couple buddy reads, of course). Stay tuned for a blog post about that also!


Those are my main goals for 2022. It's going to be a fun year! What are your reading goals? I would love to hear what you all have going on this year.

Talk to you soon! Hope you all have a beautiful 2022! Happy reading!


Brandie 🤗


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I think it is great that you expanded your reading genres, but it is also important to balance that with your favorites so you don't get burned out or end up in a slump. I am really looking forward to my romance filled February! What should we make Steve read?

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10 hours ago, Stacyejaye said:

I think it is great that you expanded your reading genres, but it is also important to balance that with your favorites so you don't get burned out or end up in a slump. I am really looking forward to my romance filled February! What should we make Steve read?

Uh, my February is pretty full.  I will make time for My Haunted Vagina, though.

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