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Monthly Mariana! March- Lingus



Hi Friends!!

In my previous blog I posted that I am doing a re-read of all of the Mariana Zapata books. One per month, starting last month in March.

This post, along with a post from each other book that I read by Zapata, will remain up so that even if you don't jump in when I am reading, the discussion will be here when you do! Just be sure to use the spoiler function and chapter references in the comments, if you plan to discuss spoilers!

The book for March was Lingus!

This book is actually very different from all of the rest of the books that I have read from her collection. It is a romantic comedy that I would classify as very silly and a little steamy. I was a little nervous because let's face it, the title is a little racy. But I had a good time reading this again. It was a quick read that I found to be just fun and a little departure from some of the heavy fantasy and horror that I have been reading lately.

I really enjoy the friendships and relationships in this book. I also found the main character funny and likeable. This is a friends to lovers book, which is not my favorite trope for romance. But Marianna Zapata makes it work for me.

I picked this book for our Ladies of the High Court monthly read-a-thon and had just a blast reading it with them. We laughed so much and it was just a great time. I know I posted it before but here is the link to our kick-off reading sprints.

 Next month for the read-a-thon we will be reading Fortuna Sworn. It was a pick made by @Jolien Reads It is always a good time for anyone that wants to join in on that, keep your eyes on the calendar here on pagechewing.com 712L0H7IT6L.thumb.jpg.08801a6df91ebb28094d9995d4672ee6.jpg


Did you read Lingus? Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts below!

Hugs! 🤗

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