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    My May contribution - A Sword Needs A Name - is attached.
  3. I'm running late on finishing my story. It is all written out in my head but I'm trying to finish some home chores. I need to start prioritizing my writing so maybe I'll write first. 🤔
  4. I have been on a break so I just saw this. Thank you for your work on this project and thank you to all of the writers for such fascinating stories. ❤️
  5. Despite drifting on an island of one, points wise, away from the mainland that is the rest of you, I will persevere. 🙂 My effort for May is done.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    My entry for May
  7. I'm on track to submitting on the very last day as usual 😂 Don't even have a proper idea fleshed out yet 🤣
  8. And here I said I was gonna get mine done early this month! haha
  9. As always thanks again to y'all!
  10. May story back up for perusal. If I stop re-reading it then I cannot find anything else wrong with it 🙂
  11. Version 1.0.0


    I think it is about as good as my meagre skill can make it. I hope you all enjoy it.
  12. Hello! April's scores are in and I'm super impressed with how everyone did on the prompt, as it was definitely not an easy one! Here are the scores for April's prompt! Layla - 17 points Varsha - 15 Points Karl - 7 points Thomas - 13 Points Frog - 15 Points The total leaderboard thus far: 1. Layla - 63 Points 2. Varsha - 59 Points 3. Thomas & Frog - 57 Points 4. Karl - 45 Points
  13. I did. It was a big mistake I noticed... reworking a bit of it to make more sense.
  14. @A_FROG_IN_TIME SO you deleted it? I don't see it...
  15. May's story has been posted. Changed my mind... spotted a mistake.
  16. I have now finished first draft of May's story... I am not sure if I can use it or not. If I was to list the trigger warnings it might be longer than the story is.
  17. Based on Karl's awesome music idea, thought I would post what I am listening to for inspiration. Expect blood and rebellion!
  18. Like last month, I may just post here the music video I am using to help influence this months story. The music and video have both an African and Asian feel to it for me and it also has a feel of a time from long ago, in places where you are more likely to come across animal life than human life -- a place where warriors may travel, sword wielding warriors. I hope some of you find this helpful, or at least somewhat interesting. If you think this music is somewhat familiar than you may be aware of the version Irish singer Enya recorded for The Lord of the Rings movies which indeed had many swords used throughout.
  19. Started, yes. It's the rest that tends to be the issue, haha
  20. I believe we set the upper limit at 3000 words
  21. Love this prompt. This might go big. What's the word count limit we have to mess with?
  22. I am gonna do this one early dammit! No last minute rush this month. (Bold words on the 1st, I know)

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