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  2. Bummed you couldn’t make it, you were missed! Hope the story went well. I may be asking for feedback on a story I’m thinking of writing for an anthology soon 😅
  3. Hey guys, apologies I haven't been on track with this one - I've been writing up my second story for the NYC Short story competition and today's the deadline. I'm going to have to bail out of this and again apologies for the last minute nature - bit gutted as I was looking forward to this one too. Will post my story once it's completed on the forum though for your feedback!
  4. We will stick with today (Saturday) at 11 am est. link and thumbnail will post shortly! Edit: here's the link: https://streamyard.com/4pqwkjx7mg
  5. If we don’t hear back from @Mr_Selfy we’ll keep it to today at 11am est
  6. If not we can keep the 10am est time Saturday
  7. @Susana Imaginário @Mr_Selfy Would Sunday at 9am EST work?
  8. If that suits others we can shoot for that. I still need to watch the movie but that should be fine 😀
  9. Is there another time or day that would work for you? We can shoot for Sunday at 9am EST
  10. I’m out. I have a stream at that time but rock on without me 👍
  11. @Susana Imaginário @Mr_Selfy @chrisM can we do an hour earlier at 10am EST? I have another stream at 12
  12. Apologies I haven't checked the site recently, have been both stacked with the 9-5 workload (which has seeped into evening work too) trying to get new novel idea off the ground, working in the background for another project and also socialising with people. It all gets a little crazy! I should be good for Saturday the 15th - @Steve 11am Eastern Time should be 4pm GMT so that works for me!
  13. @Mr_Selfy @Steve @Susana Imaginário Oh no, I've agreed to a Criterion stream this Saturday around this time. Let me check the time exactly as it may be different with it being a Sunday. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  14. Yep, forgot about this one myself to be fair! I'm good for whenever. Not much planned for the next month aside from a few buddy reads
  15. Again, as long as it's not too late in the evening (here) works for me
  16. I'm so sorry all, time got away from me there in March with my trip and work commitments. Does sometime this month work for everyone? @chrisM @Mr_Selfy and anyone else interested?
  17. Next Saturday the 18th work in the morning my time? Same time as we met before
  18. I'm quite flexible as well. Same times as previous work for me as well

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