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  2. I’d be interested but can’t add much to my schedule until Fall or so 🥹
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  4. Sounds like a good old fashioned clean up is in the lead. Maybe not deleting software but deleting enough to give it a fresh feeling. I would hate to lose the book stuff we have even if it's not a ton, but I go back and fourth with whether it would be good to just start fresh all together.
  5. I'm thinking about doing a Dresden Files book discussion. I have a couple fellow booktubers who've said they'd be interested. I was wondering if anyone else would be?
  6. I find the site pretty easy to use so maybe just reinstalling or wiping away stuff that's not used. That way if you do add stuff you can monitor it easier.
  7. I'm excited! I might have ordered the book this tv-show is based on so I can read it beforehand. It was not in the planning, but it is now But I'm easy to please when it comes to fantasy tv-shows, and this is a world I've loved so I think I will like it if I manage my expectations a bit.
  8. I'm open for any of these options. A good clean up seems like the best thing moving forward, especially because 99% of it is now book related which wasn't the case 2 years ago for example. A new forum is fine by me, I don't know if it will be difficult to learn for some people? Maybe deleting the forum and starting with the same software gives you the benefit of drawing in new people because 'hey this just started so I'm not behind and can immediatly jump in' but still having the familiar feeling for people who've been here a while.
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  10. So the forums in their current state have been around since 2016 and I'm thinking it may be time to change things up. A few ideas: 1.) Delete the forums and either install a different forum software or a different software all together like a blog type system or something similar with features we use the most. 2.) Delete the forums and start from square one with the same software. Having a relaunch may be inviting for new people, that new car smell and all. 3.) Clean up the forums as they are now, deleting stuff that hasn't been used in a while and give it a good revamp. The upside to this is we keep what we've been using most the last year or so and clean up stuff that isn't being used. Can be a soft revamp/reboot. I'm open to ideas, but these are the options I've been tossing around my little brain. Your input is appreciated
  11. I'm looking forward to this - do we have a time set?
  12. Discussing The Darkness That Comes Before, the first book in the Prince of Nothing trilogy.
  13. I arranged to be free Sunday the 26th if that works for everyone!
  14. I have a little bit more hope this won't be a complete mess after this trailer.
  15. .
  16. Would later in the month or even July be best for you?
  17. No worries! Time is precious and nothing wrong with passing if a series isn't for you. We can maybe do a big stream at the end for whoever is interested in doing that or just read on our own and not worry about the streams at all.
  18. What would be he best day and time for you? I don't want you to miss the discussion!
  19. Going to be honest here, I don't really know if I want to continue with this one It's not that I thought the first one was bad, but (for me at least) maybe average at best? I can't say that I care too much about what's going to happen next... I'm not saying I'm never going back to the series but at this point I don't see myself reading one book per month and not dread the experience at the end of the road.
  20. My birthday is in June (and the on of my father, brother, and godchild haha, it's a busy month) so I can't promise that I'll be free that weekend, but if I am I'll be there
  21. Earlier
  22. Glad to hear the test was negative! We had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday my father in law had his birthday party but at that point my husband was already not feeling great so we didn't stay too long. I don't know the exact word in English but a handyman came and had a look at the roof of our storehouse because we need a new one. He'll send us an estimation next week and I'm very nervous On Sunday my nephew had his birthday party (he turned 2) and I thought it was in the evening but apparently it was already at 12AM and I didn't have a gift yet sooo that was stressful. Husband couldn't come along because at that point it was a full blown stomach flu.
  23. I think I'm going to buy the entire series in mmpb's when the time comes... I'm reading the ebook so luckily it's not too bad that it's this format but still. Some nice hardcovers really wouldn't hurt!
  24. YolandaDennis

    Net Neutrality

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  25. I'm out commiting to 1 chapter a day, but I don't have a problem reading multiple books at a time. So, for me it doesn't feel long, but I can see how it would feel that way if it was all I was reading. There's a lot going here and without a break, it would definitely feel daunting
  26. Tried immersive reading with this one, but I kept wanting to go back because I felt like I missed everything. Really feeling the length of this one, is it just me?
  27. Hi All!! This month I will be doing a re-read of Kulti. I remember this as being one of my favorites! I'm excited to see if it still is! It was the first sports romance that I have ever read. I wasn't sure if I would like a sports romance because, even though I watch a lot of football and basketball, I am not huge into sports. But Mariana Zapata writes a great sports romance. This one is also an enemies to lovers romance, which I love! As always it is a super slow burn, as are all of her books! I found the main character to be so hard working and very likeable. She is also pretty funny. As usual there is some great banter in this one. I also love the side characters, the father of the heroine just absolutely cracked me up. Looking forward to re-reading this one! Let me know what you all think if you read it. As always don't forget to use the spoiler function if you are talking spoilers below. Feel free to jump in anytime! These posts will remain, so whether you read these books now or later I will always be here to discuss with you! Hugs!
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