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  2. I confess I was expecting another Malazan kind of book. I'm so glad I was wrong. Read the prologues (!) this morning and I'm hooked. This: 'Leweth had confused that which came after with that which came before, confused the effect for the cause. Men came after, so he placed them before and called them “gods” or “demons.” Words came after, so he placed them before and called them “scriptures” or “incantations.” Confined to the aftermath of events and blind to the causes that preceded him, he merely fastened upon the ruin itself, men and the acts of men, as the model of what came before.' Fucking awesome! (Perfect vacation read )
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  4. I'm not sure, but he's very well versed in combat and the history
  5. @Robyn bookends This is the view when hosting:
  6. Good points, Ric! The over the top nuclear response is what bothers me more than anything else. Is that how we resolve problems now?
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    Diablo 4

    I keep thinking about it. I can see if the finances will stretch to a copy
  9. Steve

    Diablo 4

    I'm almost afraid to ask, but is anyone playing or interested in playing Diablo 4? I played Diablo 2 for a little while, but at the time I was more of a FPS type fan. Now I think a Diablo game would fit more of my preferences. I keep hearing D4 is pretty damn good and it has my attention. From what I understand you can play solo or with friends, but it would be nice to have a group to play casually with from time to time
  10. Started today with a long bike ride. Plan to do that again Saturday and Sunday adding miles each time Saturday afternoon some friends are coming by to brew beer and play MTG. Then Sunday talking Berserk!
  11. Susan, I agree with you on this because yes it follows the same policy. If you put it out there, be ready for critique whether reviewer or author. It just comes with the territory of posting something publicly.
  12. Fascinating stuff. I like that Kalaripayattu is practiced by women as well. [Note to self: Do not under any circumstances rub Varsha up the wrong way].😁😜
  13. Kinda got an idea for this one, looking forward to trying it. Hopefully I can pull it off as it will be very much removed from what I usually write.
  14. Done... and at just a bit over 1000 words, yes, you should be wondering why it took so damned long, haha
  15. Version 1.0.0


    May Prompt My apologies, I'm quite late, but here it is in case anyone would like to give it a read. Cheers all!
  16. It's good fun, although I'm annoyed my husband keeps beating me. We're about 10-3 at the moment (yes we keep score haha). I mean, words are quite literally my entire day to day life. I think he's just more strategic with the traps than me. We don't really have many friends that play much. We have one couple we have a games night with about once a month, but otherwise we mostly either play in online groups or at the clubs/cafes. It's a great way to meet new people. Some of the Oatmeal games are really good for families with older kids - we have Exploding Kittens, Hand to Hand Wombat and Throw Throw Burrito and my nieces love them.
  17. My friends aren't gamers so I rarely get the chance. Family meet ups are when most gaming happens, but that means games have to be quick-ish, easily explainable and suitable for 10+. The last few I played and enjoyed were Confidence, The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game, Splendour and Ticket to Ride (Europe) although there are flaws and a chunk of luck involved with some of these. I'm always up for a game of Cranium or Triv. No recs or favourites from me because I'm well out of the loop. I haven't played Carcassonne for years! Trap Scrabble sounds more interesting than real Scrabble.
  18. That's one of the few I've never actually played, I have lots of friends that do and I keep meaning to give it a try. We have several local board games cafes (one of which is sadly closing soon due to rising costs) and they do a lot of MTG, WoW, Warhammer clubs/events etc. I mostly play with people I know already, but this year my mission is to get myself out there and start getting into different groups, meeting new people etc.
  19. I'm sorry, Steve! I'm afraid I can't let you post stories about rogue AIs.
  20. Calling out the reviewer for giving an honest (and mostly complimentary) review makes the author look arrogant and entitled. It was a stupid thing to do. I think she intended it to be mean and have a laugh at somebody else's expense with her followers. Claiming it was a joke is the default fallback position for any bully called out on their crap. Unless the reviewer has a public platform to respond, I can understand Marines and Boobies & Noobies getting involved to support her and highlight the situation, but once this happens it's out of your control and can soon escalate to mob vengeance (destroying the author) rather than justice (getting a sincere public apology). The nuclear response of review bombing doesn't sit well with me at all. Not only is it an over the top reaction, it diminishes the value of goodreads and reflects badly on the people doing it. As to the reviewer changing her star rating: I'm not sure how I feel about that. If twitter hadn't got involved, then I think she's OK to do so, even though I believe ratings and reviews should reflect the book and not the author. If she deleted her review, then the author 'wins' and keeps her 5* average. Same for removing the rating. If she says nothing and keeps the 4*, then the author gets away with it. Her review is the most liked and the first thing anybody sees. People might wonder why the book only got 1* and then read about the good book but asshole author. They can then make their own decision about whether to read it. I suppose the simple answer is don't respond to reviews (even 1* ones) unless the reviewer has made personal comments about the author. As Steve said, don't be an asshole.
  21. Haven’t played board games in a while. I do okay Magic the Gathering every once in a while with friends. It’s really just an excuse to get together with friends and have fun
  22. Waiting with my truck at the shop, i came to a conclusion I'm happy with. When I get home and can get on my laptop I'll type it up and submit it. From there it is the judges call. Looking forward to reading everyone else's!
  23. Get ready to sound your bugles and polish off those war hammers, because this Saturday (1st Saturday in June) is INTERNATIONAL TABLE TOP DAY! So, I want to know where all my fellow board game/TTRPG fans are and what you've been playing recently? Generally I will play 2-3 times a week (more if I'm writing up on the games for a website) but the last week or so I've been playing Trap Scrabble (like regular scrabble but with the option to lay traps for other players), Carcassonne, and a little bit of Mysterium. Tomorrow I'll be playing with my regular D&D group who I've been with for the last 4 years. If anyone has any favourites/recommendations as well would love to hear them!
  24. I’d love to host/co-host. 😀 But only if you let me bring cake and ice cream instead of pie 😛
  25. @Susana Imaginário interesting vacation read. 🤭 Sending virtual cookies should you need them.
  26. This gives me an idea... I will only heal party members that have read and reviewed my books! Mwahahaha... (obviously a joke) But, seriously, I feel like there was some pretty childish behavior from most parties in this debacle.
  27. @SteveI just got this to read on vacation At first glance, I'm far more optimistic about it than Malazan 😅 All seven books, you say? Sure, why not! When do you want to start? I could use a bit of help to get things going. (I totally understand if you'd rather go with someone who already has a channel up and running. I'd still like to join the discussion, though )
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