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  3. Those pictures make me jealous Steve, the weather looks lovely! I had a family get together yesterday (on my husband's side of the family) which was great since I hadn't seen some of his nieces for the longest time. Today I had obedience training with the dogs and a nice walk with my sister. I also managed to read 150 pages today! Very glad about that, it was so relaxing
  4. I will be reading The Hellborn King soon. After that, I'm not entirely sure what I'll be reading. Perhaps Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. Maybe Priest of Bones by Peter McLean
  5. I would love to buy this in hardcover.
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  7. Gonna have a calm weekend this week. Relax with some drinks today and dog sit for some friends tomorrow. Past few weeks were pretty busy so the break will be good. Last weekend was lots of side jobs and the weekend before I took a row boat out on the Hudson River to camp on an island (row boats aren't the best on that water, haha) so I've been pretty sore lately
  8. If you get around to Split Paths, hope you enjoy it. The main books I hope to get to next are: The Hand that Casts the Bone- HL Tinsley Priest of Gallows- Peter McLean The Pariah- Anthony Ryan A Drowned Kingdom- PL Stuart There's a few other hopefuls, but sticking with those for now
  9. Thomas


    Yeah I think you're right. When I googled it, it mentioned consoles in the box on the side, but I've found no other mention of it.
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  11. Well, Just got done with our TWP stream. Just going to do the tedious weekly chores. Try to read some Grace of Kings. Might go hike early tomorrow, and then play board games with some friends later. Sunday is family dinner, House of the Dragons, and hopefully more Grace of Kings.
  12. What do you have planned for the weekend? I started working 10 hour days (really 12) so I have Fridays off now. Took advantage of the great weather and went for a bike ride in Placitas, N.M. Later today have the PoN podcast and the Friday Conversation. Tomorrow odds and ends content and reading The Grace of Kings. Sunday visiting with family from out of town. What do you all have planned?
  13. Hi folks. At the end of October, The Sadeiest is being re-released (Self published), I broke away from Darkstroke books as I felt it wasn't being represented well (Darkstroke are going more away from Horror and towards thriller). Also, the second book in the series is going to be ready in February, and I wanted to do a series set of covers, and have Daniele Serra onboard for all of the series. It contains 25 pages of original Graphic novel artwork, and this second edition contains a bonus short story "The Coffin Maker". If any of you folks would like a review copy, let me know, I'll have digital mobi and epub versions to send from now until release day, and paperbacks a week or two after release (I have to order them myself and send them out to people) Here's the cover to give you a teaser, and here's a link to the original goodreads page, should anyone want to know what people have been saying, including Ross Jeffery, Catherine McCarthy, Brian Bowyer etc: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55337568-the-sadeiest The new edition will be linked up mid month, but that's the old cover up on the goodreads link. Thanks, and I hope you USA people are all ok after "Ian"! Austrian (Andy)
  14. Yeah, I can get that. I think Ready Player One and Armada were both better to me.. but RP2 had some cool ideas and a cool enough story. Ready player One (the book) had so much good nostalgia for old me lol and it was cool to be in the sad video game dystopia again.
  15. Surprised to see Ready Player Two on your list
  16. Lets see.. The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester QualityLand by Marc Ewing Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline Reaper's Gale by Steven Erickson Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch I also didn't count The Darkness that Comes Before since it was a reread as well
  17. Steve


    Think this may be PC only, let's hope your laptop can handle it! https://gord.game/#start
  18. My last five: The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark Saraphinas Lament by Sarah Chorn Obsidian: Awakening by Sienna Frost (Faye) The Edge of the Breach by Halo Scot The Winter Road by Adrian Shelby Didn’t include The Darkness That Comes Before cause it’s a reread What are your last five 5 star reads?
  19. What is on your Fall TBR this year? I have a few group reads that are in stone and some others that I'd really love to get to, time permitting. Fall TBR: Group Reads: Hellborn King - @Christopher G. Brenning (monthly) Dandelion Dynasty (monthly) Age of Madness (monthly) House of Chains (slowly, bi-weekly part by part) Prince of Nothing (slowly, weekly) The Expanse (monthly) Trials of Ashmouth - @John Palladino War for the Rose Throne Hopefuls: Split Paths - @Thomas The Making of Gabriel Davenport - Beverley Lee Brother Red - Adrian Selby A Touch of Light Thiago Abdalla Norylska Groans - Michael R. Fletcher, Clayton Snyder Matterhorn - Karl Marlantes Escaping First Contact - TS Beier Red Fury Books Writing and Rising from Addiction @Brian Bowyer Road Narrows - @Brian Bowyer I Will Kill You - Halo Scot Wolfeater Anthony Mitchell Richard K. Morgan The Steel Remains Timberwolf Dominic Adler What's on your TBR?
  20. I’m still figuring out what I want to do on my channel and how, but I intuitively prefer to convince a viewer to read a book, rather than convince them not to. Generally it feels to me that the point of rant videos (or any ranty internet content) is more to get eyeballs than anything else. That it works kinda makes me sad, but I understand it - if growth is your primary goal, rants do gets views. For me personally though, I don’t watch them, and I won’t be contributing any rants either.
  21. Thomas


    This one looks cool. Definitely wanna check it out when it releases. Looks like it may come out on the ps4, otherwise I have to hope my laptop can run it, haha
  22. Ready for our read of The Hellborn King Saga and discussions with @Christopher G. BrenningTerror approves
  23. Chris, once you RSVP it's in stone my friend.
  24. Link: https://www.amazon.com/ILLBORN-Daniel-T-Jackson-ebook/dp/B08ZKWWLXY/
  25. I’ve added myself to the ‘panel’ but if there’s interest from others I’m happy to step aside and hear fresh voices. It always adds to the enjoyment of the book itself. just hit the halfway point and enjoying it a lot.
  26. I found the reference to the gods I was talking about, it was kind of from a parable I guess
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  28. Late to this party cause I'm a slow reader. One hell of a mind bending book and even worse after watching the meetup ya'll had
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