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  1. I have a little bit more hope this won't be a complete mess after this trailer.
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  3. Would later in the month or even July be best for you?
  4. No worries! Time is precious and nothing wrong with passing if a series isn't for you. We can maybe do a big stream at the end for whoever is interested in doing that or just read on our own and not worry about the streams at all.
  5. Tried immersive reading with this one, but I kept wanting to go back because I felt like I missed everything. Really feeling the length of this one, is it just me?
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  8. Book Reading Billy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vqCW04cejh-l6x66ALu_Q
  9. Has anyone else been able to grab a trade paperback version of this book? It's so strange to me that a series so popular is only available in mass market paperback
  10. Wasn't feeling great this week, even took a COVID test to make sure I wasn't infected again. Thankfully the test was negative! Watching the Suns vs. Mavericks game tonight with the family. Tomorrow hope to get a bike ride in and stay upright. Record a video or two and Sunday start getting ready for my trip to Denver for StokerCon. What do you all have planned?
  11. Spoiler filled discussion for the RIFT CYCLE series with author Halo Scot There will be jelly beans.
  12. Nice! Welcome aboard. Does June 11th or 18th sound better for a discussion?
  13. This year doesn't seem to have any players that anyone is that excited about. I'm hopeful with the Bills picks, but curious they picked a WR when they are already deep at that position
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