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  1. I’d be interested but can’t add much to my schedule until Fall or so 🥹
  2. Sounds like a good old fashioned clean up is in the lead. Maybe not deleting software but deleting enough to give it a fresh feeling. I would hate to lose the book stuff we have even if it's not a ton, but I go back and fourth with whether it would be good to just start fresh all together.
  3. So the forums in their current state have been around since 2016 and I'm thinking it may be time to change things up. A few ideas: 1.) Delete the forums and either install a different forum software or a different software all together like a blog type system or something similar with features we use the most. 2.) Delete the forums and start from square one with the same software. Having a relaunch may be inviting for new people, that new car smell and all. 3.) Clean up the forums as they are now, deleting stuff that hasn't been used in a while and give it a good revamp. The upside to this is we keep what we've been using most the last year or so and clean up stuff that isn't being used. Can be a soft revamp/reboot. I'm open to ideas, but these are the options I've been tossing around my little brain. Your input is appreciated
  4. Discussing The Darkness That Comes Before, the first book in the Prince of Nothing trilogy.
  5. I have a little bit more hope this won't be a complete mess after this trailer.
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  7. Would later in the month or even July be best for you?
  8. No worries! Time is precious and nothing wrong with passing if a series isn't for you. We can maybe do a big stream at the end for whoever is interested in doing that or just read on our own and not worry about the streams at all.
  9. Tried immersive reading with this one, but I kept wanting to go back because I felt like I missed everything. Really feeling the length of this one, is it just me?
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  12. Book Reading Billy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vqCW04cejh-l6x66ALu_Q
  13. Has anyone else been able to grab a trade paperback version of this book? It's so strange to me that a series so popular is only available in mass market paperback
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