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  1. One more chapter to go... we have lots to talk about.
  2. Even just a mention in these videos is a big deal! One day I'll read as fast as @Andrews Wizardly Reads does
  3. Steve

    From Hell Discussion

    No problem at all!
  4. How is everyone’s weekend going? its been pretty busy here. On Friday we went out for dinner and drinks with friends. On Saturday went to see Infinity Pool and went out again with friends for dinner. Today we had our Strange Days meetup and edited some videos. Busy weekend! How are all of you?
  5. With Valentines Day being in February, we chose a kinda sorta love story. @Susana Imaginário recommended Only Lovers Left Alive, we haven't picked a time and date just yet but will be hosted by @Mr_Selfy https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1714915/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  6. Discussing the film Come True with Chad
  7. Steve

    Discussing Infinity Pool

    Discussing Infinity Pool
  8. Steve

    Strange Days Discussion

    @Susana Imaginário @Mr_Selfy the link for Strange Days via Streamyard: https://streamyard.com/j3en7efepu
  9. Streamyard: https://streamyard.com/99cahhtqb8
  10. I have Justice of Kings but haven't gotten to it yet. When abouts were you thinking of having the discussion?
  11. Discussing episodes 1 - 3 of The Last of Us Streamyard: https://streamyard.com/88zdrjtyyi
  12. Did the bet still stand? I’ll wear a bengals shirt on next weeks update. If the chiefs lose I’ll be happy!
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