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  1. Sounds like a plan! We can do similar to what we've been doing with Wars of Light and Shadow and post on both channels at the same time. As long as it's sugar free ice cream I'm game!
  2. I'm not sure, but he's very well versed in combat and the history
  3. @Robyn bookends This is the view when hosting:
  4. Good points, Ric! The over the top nuclear response is what bothers me more than anything else. Is that how we resolve problems now?
  5. Steve

    Diablo 4

    I'm almost afraid to ask, but is anyone playing or interested in playing Diablo 4? I played Diablo 2 for a little while, but at the time I was more of a FPS type fan. Now I think a Diablo game would fit more of my preferences. I keep hearing D4 is pretty damn good and it has my attention. From what I understand you can play solo or with friends, but it would be nice to have a group to play casually with from time to time
  6. Started today with a long bike ride. Plan to do that again Saturday and Sunday adding miles each time Saturday afternoon some friends are coming by to brew beer and play MTG. Then Sunday talking Berserk!
  7. Haven’t played board games in a while. I do okay Magic the Gathering every once in a while with friends. It’s really just an excuse to get together with friends and have fun
  8. https://www.businessinsider.com/ai-powered-drone-tried-killing-its-operator-in-military-simulation-2023-6
  9. Since I already have the videos from my read with Katerina and Daniel on my channel, if anyone would like to host these discussions on their channel, DM me. I will help with organizing and scheduling of course, but I do ask that: 1.) You are 100% committed to finish the series (all 7 books) with us 2.) You're active here on the forum to keep up with news and updates 3.) You'll be as flexible as possible with scheduling 4.) Don't mind me having an audio version of our discussions for the podcast 5.) You bring punch 'n pie to every discussion for the group
  10. That's so interesting! So many cultures and traditions to learn about, so little time. I wonder if Miles Cameron is familiar with this
  11. I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time, it's pretty straight forward but I'll try to find a quick tutorial video somewhere to get an idea. Sounds good! If you want to spread the word for your channel or books on the front page just DM me what you'd like and an image. I'll be happy to share it there
  12. I remember a couple of instances that popular authors went after reviewers and the fans of that author went after the reviewer and attacked them. The reviewer stopped creating content and disappeared. It's been a while and I don't remember the names off the top of my head but it does happen.
  13. For anyone wanting to promote their work on the front page of this website but don't want to create a WordPress account and be a regular contributor DM me what you'd like posted and an image and I'll post it to the front page of the site for anyone visiting to see. This is open to anyone wanting to promote their work that has an account here on the forum. https://pagechewing.com/
  14. Fantastic! Please DM me: The Category name you'd like (if any): Username: Your email address:
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