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  1. I tried Mike's server last year. It's almost impossible to keep up with what's going on and found myself endlessly scrolling trying to find the beginning of conversations.
  2. Yes! Takes me back to mIRC
  3. I decided to give Discord another try, and while there are some great people on the platform the app is still really annoying. The format isn't my favorite, it reminds me of a chat room from the 90's. There are a TON of notifications, so you spend time muting channel after channel or server after server just so you won't get a notification every five fucking minutes. I'm limiting myself to just a couple of servers because I don't have the time to participate in too many but so far I'm still not the biggest fan. I'll continue using it only because I'm a Patreon supporter of The Fantasy Nuttwork and Michael R. Fletcher and there are some perks on Discord for people who contribute. Otherwise I'd not bother using it. I do feel at home on Slowly Red's server, too.
  4. The Hand That Casts the Bone is good, funnier than I expected. Priest of Bones and that series is pretty good
  5. @drpuffnstuff Our meetups every Friday are something I look forward to all week. How are you liking Grace of Kings? @Thomas Glad you're getting a break! @Jolien Reads Glad you were able to read 150 pages! Almost lost my voice today after my throat being raw on Friday so I wasn't able to make the PAGE CHEWING episode this morning or record a Weekly Update. Have any of you ever heard of a New York Sour? It's a whiskey sour with red wine splashed on top. Pretty fucking good!
  6. What do you have planned for the weekend? I started working 10 hour days (really 12) so I have Fridays off now. Took advantage of the great weather and went for a bike ride in Placitas, N.M. Later today have the PoN podcast and the Friday Conversation. Tomorrow odds and ends content and reading The Grace of Kings. Sunday visiting with family from out of town. What do you all have planned?
  7. Surprised to see Ready Player Two on your list
  8. Steve


    Think this may be PC only, let's hope your laptop can handle it! https://gord.game/#start
  9. My last five: The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark Saraphinas Lament by Sarah Chorn Obsidian: Awakening by Sienna Frost (Faye) The Edge of the Breach by Halo Scot The Winter Road by Adrian Shelby Didn’t include The Darkness That Comes Before cause it’s a reread What are your last five 5 star reads?
  10. What is on your Fall TBR this year? I have a few group reads that are in stone and some others that I'd really love to get to, time permitting. Fall TBR: Group Reads: Hellborn King - @Christopher G. Brenning (monthly) Dandelion Dynasty (monthly) Age of Madness (monthly) House of Chains (slowly, bi-weekly part by part) Prince of Nothing (slowly, weekly) The Expanse (monthly) Trials of Ashmouth - @John Palladino War for the Rose Throne Hopefuls: Split Paths - @Thomas The Making of Gabriel Davenport - Beverley Lee Brother Red - Adrian Selby A Touch of Light Thiago Abdalla Norylska Groans - Michael R. Fletcher, Clayton Snyder Matterhorn - Karl Marlantes Escaping First Contact - TS Beier Red Fury Books Writing and Rising from Addiction @Brian Bowyer Road Narrows - @Brian Bowyer I Will Kill You - Halo Scot Wolfeater Anthony Mitchell Richard K. Morgan The Steel Remains Timberwolf Dominic Adler What's on your TBR?
  11. Ready for our read of The Hellborn King Saga and discussions with @Christopher G. BrenningTerror approves
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