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  1. It seems like 99% of politics is theater and amounts to nothing really happening
  2. This morning I was talking to someone at work about all that’s going on (new hires, interviews, disciplinary stuff) and was bemoaning how long of a week it’s been. He looked at me with a puzzled look and said “but it’s only Tuesday morning…”
  3. Monday was a mofo so catching up with a couple of memes on Tuesday
  4. I agree TikTok is highly invasive and I question the judgment of anyone who knows what the app does when you install it and still choose to use it. That being said, I agree if the government bans the app for the public it’s an overreach and sets a dangerous precedent
  5. Steve


    I plan to reread some of these, maybe one a day. I feel like I missed details the first time
  6. Steve


    Let us know when you want to do Swamp Thing! We can choose the edition soon so we can grab it and give everyone time to find it. I’m not too familiar with those
  7. Many people depend on it as their primary source of income. Lawsuits would follow shortly after, too
  8. Shall we set a date for sometime in April?
  9. What are your thoughts on deja vu? When you feel like you're experiencing something for the second time and you get a strange physical response after. I had a pretty vivid case of it today for about 5 seconds, then wondered what would come next. Something good or something bad? Spoiler alert: nothing really happened of significance but that doesn't mean the universe is done with me just yet. What are your thoughts on this phenomena?
  10. During my talk with @ToriTalks she mentioned her friend made a video about her artwork being taken without her permission to feed the AI machine. Here's that video:
  11. This may sound ridiculous but hear me out: If they ban TikTok I predict riots.
  12. Steve


    Always enjoy hearing your perspective!
  13. I can probably squeeze it in and start in the next month or so. Audiobooks help!
  14. So many great quotes and observations @Frank!
  15. Not sure if it will happen, but it's gaining traction. Just imagine what would happen if an app that millions of people use in the US was banned overnight. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/six-more-senators-back-bill-given-biden-new-powers-ban-tiktok-2023-03-17/
  16. Janny is traveling but sent this to me for topics to discuss on the first meetup:
  17. Looks like the snow is about to meet it's demise until next winter
  18. Steve

    Berserk Volume 6

    Streamyard: https://streamyard.com/j2xz4i7i2d
  19. Steve


    Running just a minute late, be right there
  20. Streamyard: https://streamyard.com/68jkmqziua
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