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  1. Hmmm, this is a tricky question, so many options! 1. A second vote for vintage dredge, such a unique experience playing the ultimate version of dredge with Bazaar as single card engine 2. Some other vintage deck with all the power 9, maybe Paradoxical Outcome, maybe a more old school version of storm, maybe even Doomsday 3. Legacy Lands 4. Legacy RUG Delver 5. Beta duals.dec (for collectability reasons)
  2. Disallow will drop for sure, Chandra has been getting enough play in modern and legacy to pretty much hold where it is now it's taken a bit of a bit from the challenger deck printing
  3. I'm going to pick up a couple of things as well I think. Kaladesh is a powerful block, and there's definitely potential for some cards to start seeing more play in the eternal formats, and in Modern too. I'm still holding out hope for Aetherworks Marvel or Smuggler's Copter to go big
  4. If they're cards I pay with then yes, shuffle feel matters. For protecting cards in storage or when sending them to people for trades/sales, naturally I only want to know the sleeve is durable, for play I need that sweet spot between the way too slippery feel of some brands when fresh out of the pack and the stickiness of those early Eclipses
  5. I'll end up in the sea if I drive 8 hours in pretty much any direction except directly North
  6. Then the Eclipse sleeves became bad, then they became good again (and the packs got bigger!)
  7. If the delays in the main event yesterday are any sort of guide, it's probably better to stick to the slightly smaller GPs, or at l least stay closer to home so you can go for a nap between rounds
  8. It does make the rarity distribution a bit of a challenge though...
  9. Hopefully they've used up all the left over Kaladesh at submissions for this and we can now be done with them On the plus side, finally a True Name Nemesis reprint, thanks Wizards!
  10. This can't have been Wizards' plan when they came up with Brawl. To keep selling product they need people playing Standard, and now Brawl as well, but not for the two to compete for the same player base
  11. Is it really possible for a company the size of Hasbro to have so many leaks like this accidentally? They seem to happen coincidentally right around the time the excitement about a new set had peaked and players'attention might start to wander away from magic...
  12. They need Arena to have at least one of (a) real constructed formats- Standard at least should be part of the game surely- and (b) draft or sealed. The economy is still awful, which puts a lot of people off building constructed decks, as being hold of the rare and mythic cards you need is so hard, but at the minute the only play option is not-quite-Standard with no KLD/AER in the game. It's not entirely what will cause true Standard to become part of the game, but I expect it will just be time and the rotation in Sept/Oct time
  13. Agreed. Watching the coverage of the last legacy GP, i reached the tipping point of having seen more then enough games dominated by who can stick a Deathrite
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