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  1. I opened a Guilds of Ravnika booster box and I thought it smelled and felt fine. Is the problem still going on or has it gotten better?
  2. I agree with most of this, but I feel like this guild has tournament potential. I think making a black blue control or a red white mid is perfectly do-able.
  3. Yea that does kind of suck. I am really happy with all of the new cards though!
  4. Just watched venom and I loved it! Not a very good storyline but the general idea is sweet.
  5. I just bought the booster box for this set. I love the cards from this set and I know I will be building some ass kicking decks. Anyone have any opinions on this set?
  6. For Ravnica they fixed the package/card issue. I just opened the booster box pulled 2 planeswalkers and a bunch of mythics. Very happy with the box
  7. can you give me card ideas i can replace some of the cards in the deck with?
  8. lyline of the void and helm of obedience exiles the entire opponents library, and there are a couple more.
  9. In this deck i am mostly trying to get the combos and ramp to the indestructible creatures.
  10. This is the deck list. 25 land 10 swamp 12 forest 2 evolving winds 1 survivors encampment 23 creatures 4 druid of the cowl 2 snake of the golden grove 2 greenwood sentinel 1 mikaeus. the unhallowed 2 reassembling skeleton 1 triskelion 1 silumgar assassin 1 swarmborn giant 1 ramunap hydra 1 viridian emissary 1 goreclaw, terror of qal sisma 1 jungle creeper 1 glissa, the traitor 1 elvish pioneer 1 marwyn, the nurturer 1 phylactery lich 1 darksteel colossus 1 grunn the lonely king 3 enchantments 1 leyline of the void 1 quest for the gravelord 1 abundant growth 2 sorceries 2 macabre waltz 3 instants 1 titanic growth 1 predators rapport 1 solidarity of heroes 6 artifacts 1 strionic resonator 1 executioners capsul 1 helm of obediance 1 sands of time 2 whispersilk cloak
  11. what about Venom? that looks pretty good but the reviews say its pretty boring.
  12. I love that last one, it looks absolutely hilarious.
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