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  1. I LOVED the Blood of the Spear! Have a date set for book 2?
  2. What was it like working on Skybreaker?
  3. No worries, thank you for answering my question! Are you still deciding what direction to go with the sequel?
  4. How did you two meet and determine you wanted to collab?
  5. Welcome! I loved Gabriel Davenport and Beguiled by Night! If you don't mind me asking who your favorite on-screen vampire is?
  6. This will be fun, unfortunately I’m not qualified to be a writer or a judge 😂
  7. Have my preorder all set for this one. The reviews are very intriguing
  8. Favorite Dark Souls game?
  9. Did you always plan on writing a book a few generations before the events of oathbreaker?
  10. Am I too late for this one?
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