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  1. I dropped YouTube TV and went to Hulu. Now I dumped Hulu because they keep upping the price and removing channels.
  2. Knife ... Pas explained it well. On a side note, this thread made me think of this (showing my age)
  3. I got it around labor day for about 2 weeks. I had some major head congestion. Messed with my sleep and it ultimately took me another month to feel normal. Daughter was sick same time as me. Luckily nothing significant.
  4. Same ... I can't wait to start seeing stuff with the Webb telescope.
  5. Hopefully you're feeling better in spite of the results. I'll echo what others have said, it hit around here pretty good. Daughters school, other schools had to cancel games, gf daughter had a positive test, and staff shortages at work. New Years was a cluster and didn't do anything. Was in bed at 12:05. Everyone I knew was either sick, getting over being sick, or was afraid of getting sick. Hopefully this wave blows through as quick as it came.
  6. Episode IV - A New Ass Episode V - The Empire Strikes Ass Episode VI - Ass of the Jedi Episode I – The Ass Menace Episode II – Ass of the Clones Episode III – Revenge of the Ass Episode VII – The Ass Awakens Episode VIII – The Last Ass Episode IX – The Ass of Skywalker
  7. I can drink it all day long. Its equally good in cold weather or on the beach. I never get too drunk. Its available everywhere and I won't get a hang over. If needed, I can do this several days in a row. The marathon of beers Not what you were looking for, I know my manhood will be questioned, but its my go to. Now to get to the spirit of the question ... I honestly don't have a favorite. I will drink anything. If available, I will order a flight and tell them to surprise me.
  8. Dunnar


    A lot's changed in the past month. My vaccinated aunt and uncle got covid. Uncle actually spent time in the ICU. He's home, recovering, and on oxygen. Aunt is better. Me and my daughter got it. I had the vaccine and she didn't. She had her first symptoms a few days ahead of me and is better now. I'm feeling better today but not there yet. Lost my sense of smell between lunch and dinner today. Fortunately, its basically been a bad cold for me and my daughter. She was symptom free today, felt better, tested negative and is back at her moms after spending the week with me. I know as many people that have had it in the past few weeks as I knew in the rest of the pandemic combined.
  9. Dunnar


    What I have read tends to agree with everyone else. Covid is here to stay no matter what we do. Covid is different from other eradicated viruses because it is airborne AND infects numerous other animals. The result is, we could vaccinate every person in the world, yet the virus would have a place to spread and mutate. Mutations would eventually spread back to humans and reinfect. This begs the question ... what is the long term play? You have a wide variety of responses, from New Zealand to Sweden. Are periodic lockdowns sustainable? School closures? What constitutes fully vaccinated going forward?
  10. Dunnar


    Howdy bud ... its been awhile. Welcome back! My immediate family never got it. Although I wouldnt be surprised if I personally had it in December, before we even heard of covid. I have had friends that have had it. One hospitalization and it was from a high school girl that had post complications. My friends father passed from covid, he was in his 90s. I received 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine. I got it because I had an opportunity to get it early on and to be honest, the main driver was appeasing my girlfriend so I would not receive any flack for doing things with my friends. My kids have chosen not to get vaccinated. I tried to convince them otherwise but understand their position. I wear a mask when absolutely required. Otherwise, I don't care to wear it. My feelings, based on what I have read and observed, is they (cloth masks) don't make any difference. Agree or disagree with me, here is why I feel that way. Case count graphs are all over the place and broken down by country, state, county, etc. With 18+ months of data, I have yet to see anyone point to the data and show the dip in cases in masks vs no masks. Seems to me it would be something easily seen, replicated and verified if they worked. Also, I can put on my mask, start cooking dinner, and smell it. I smell my dinner because the scent particles are smaller than the pores of cloth masks. The scent particles are predominantly larger than covid carrying particles. So I don't have any reasonable expectation they would filter any viral particles. Again, these are my observations based on my real world experience. For the record, I sleep with someone that vehemently disagrees with me.
  11. Dunnar

    July 4, 2021

    Hollywood Beach FL. I like it there because its a big beach with lots to do within walking distance. The kids can go around to the shops, beach or the resort, and the adults can drink hang out.
  12. Dunnar

    July 4, 2021

    Friday, my friend had a grad party for his son. I made jello shots Saturday, went to a pool party. Sunday, went to another friends house for a party. Monday went golfing and celebrated the gf's birthday. Friday I leave for a good old fashion beach vacation. Life is rough but someone has to do it
  13. 10 Duck sized bears. Size matters. I can kick and punch small bears with great effect. But I wouldn't be able to do anything with a 7ft duck. The T-Rex won
  14. Its Memorial Day weekend here in the states. I cleared my afternoon schedule and leaving work early. Instructed the staff to do the same. I believe my exact words were bury your laptop in the back yard and dig it up on Tuesday. Been working our asses off lately, so this will be a great break. Meeting my gf and her friends for drinks after work. Couple of graduation parties tomorrow. Tomorrow night is our annual Italian club dinner, which was canceled last year. Sunday, a bunch of us are going canoeing. Monday, I don't have any plans. Maybe golf. Maybe some shopping. I have a trip coming up to Utah to hit the national parks. Excited to finally go somewhere!
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