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  1. I know it's weird, but the third game is the best this franchise has to offer. If you really can't get into the books or show, start with The Witcher 3. The third game has a good chance of getting you interested in what came before and the events that led to it. If you're not a fan of playing games, there is a "just the story" mode with very little challenge. Don't start with the first game, though. Your enjoyment of the first game depends heavily on your enjoyment of the books. Plus, the third game ends The Witcher better in all 3 possible endings (one of these endings I am on the fence about) than the books did, in my opinion. The books are still legendary, so don't miss them.
  2. I know, right? I enjoyed the show, but Ciri getting that attention early on doesn't work. I didn't mind the Yennefer stuff because some of it was mentioned in the books and the scenes they gave her didn't drastically effect anything. They basically removed The Sword of Destiny story to give Ciri a story that didn't need to happen at all.
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