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  1. I'm not biting. It's clearly an article intended to squeeze clicks by incense the reader through missing out on dozens, if not hundreds of classic titles and authors' work. Just thinking on their criteria alone. How objective is "new" and "innovative"?
  2. I reckon i could take a single hit from a stick in the hands of an untrained person. They'd only get 1 hit in before i reached them. I think i could kill a person with a 6 inch blade even in my untrained hands.
  3. Bit late this week. Sorry. Nothing much to report. Went to the beach on Sunday with another family. Humped BBQ equipment down for breakfast on the beach. It was windy, but a lovely day and i even managed a bit of sunburn. Completed Far Cry 6 (72%) Watched Turning Red (getting a bit bored of stock Pixar) and most of a horror called Master.
  4. Shelties right? I've heard they are a lovely breed to own.
  5. I kid BTW. Always had cats until the first dog. 4 YO Winnie the Golden-doodle (tan coloured) and Barney the 9 MO Tibetan Terrier (not tan coloured).
  6. Post your pooches here. If you don't have a pooch, any pet (although inferior) will do.
  7. Subwoofer upgrade arrived on Friday, so installed that and took out the old one ready for selling. Then watched the standard first 5 mins of LOTR Fellowship and the first warp launch in ST:Movie to test the sub. It works . Went to see friends in Swansea on Saturday, that we haven't seen since before the first lockdown. It was really great to catch up. Although a 2am bed and 6am rise didn't put my in the best frame for Sunday. Took a long walk with doggies on the beach on the way home. Went to bed around 8:30 last night and watched a bit of Station Eleven before Z's. @Jolien Reads What dog's do you have?
  8. Good to read. I am just in awe of folk who take less than a year to read 1 book. Never mind the rate some of youse guys consume pages.
  9. Pasanda

    Far Cry 6

    Been playing this since Christmas. It has some game-stopping bugs that put me off for a few weeks. But worked out a single setting that stops the bug (turn high def textures off). On the plus side, it has, hands down, the best open world graphics engine available. One might argue that Hellblade and Death Stranding are better graphically rendered worlds, but Hellblade has very small environments to render and DS has a far less complex and intricate world in which to play. FC6 chose south American jungles to be the main setting for the fictitious island of Yara. You couldn't really choose a more difficult landscape to render on a computer. But it does it amazingly well, with richly fill lamdscapes of various flora and fauna. For the nerds, the engine has foliage collision, so vegetation will either sweep out of your way, or stop you depending on size, and what you hit it with. The whole universe is rendered with no loading anywhere. I am so impressed with it. On the downside, there is no character development at all. You seem to only progress as you move through the various districts of Yara, getting access to bigger and better weapons. But i suspect, if you arrive in those places the first day you played, you'd have those weapons as well. I am about 50-60% through the game and I have a standard rife that are better than any sniper rifle i've acquired since starting, including several of the 'specials'. I really did acquire a hand pistol on day 1 that hasn't been improved upon since. Another downside, is that i'm not really feeling for any of the characters. I can see when the game is trying to make you attach emotionally, but it's just not working. Yesterday, 2 very prominent role-model characters bought it. There were tears from the tough Guerrillas and even a funeral with people throwing themselves on graves. I was like... 'whatevs'. Yet, i'm the guy who wept like a small child when Ciri took out the Wild Hunt at Caer Morhen. The quests/stories are very good. This is where they've really gone to town. they go well beyond the fetch this/kill that type, although there are still plenty of those. you can chose to complete the game using the 'Yaran Stories' method, where you progress by following cultural plots, which imply that you could even get through the whole game without killing anyone. And you can mix them up - which is what i do. Defo recommend it. speshully if you a gx whore.
  10. Fired it up and played 30 seconds this week. Really unimpressed with the PC conversion only referring to f&*$ing controller buttons. I suspect it won't be for me, but i'll give it a go. Too many other things to play ATM.
  11. So they also get to own Bioware through Activision. It's be nice to see some life breathed back into some once-great titles.
  12. Pasanda

    Funny Stuff

    Genuine weekly update from my Sons Scout group leader last night...
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