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  1. Divinity original sin II! Not far in, purchased it yesterday but great so far
  2. I am reading the original trilogy at least this year, so I'll try to start when all of you guys are. As we all know I cannot be trusted to actually keep up but at the very least I can do my best and discuss/chat about the books here
  3. I confess 🙈 I rarely read scary books since I scare VERY easily and I need to protect myself ( ) but I read Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill a bit over a decade ago and loved it. Creeped me out but like I said, I don't have a lot to compare to so I don't know if it's actually as scary as I think it is
  4. I'd say the Dandelion Dynasty by Ken Liu comes very close for me. It's not the same, but I can see people liking one also liking the other. It's a world with minimal magic, most people even don't believe in it, but still the component of magic that is there, is very important. Politics, worldbuilding, and character work are top notch, and even though it's not grimdark, it does have some very hard-hitting/grim moments.
  5. I promise I wasn't THAT drunk Buuuut I am very glad to hear Boston has some good bars I can visit next month!
  6. After missing the last few I'll try to catch this next time With timezones and stuff I'll just see which date it ends up being and then say if I'll able to make it or not, but normally next weekend should work!
  7. I don't think I've ever had a deja vu... Not that I can remember at least. Not entirely related but I have had it happen a couple of times that I am almost certain something happened a specific way, and everyone else who was there with me during the event, remembers differently. Makes me think of parellel universes
  8. Not a lot, since I now know for sure I'm going to visit Boston/New York, I'm going to plan the trip and make a list of stuff I want to do/visit for sure. If anyone has any tips that they want to share (never been to the US and never travelled a lot in general so I don't even know where to start) feel free to do so! I'm still sick so besides playing Zelda Breath of the Wild and reading (Priory of the Orange Tree) I don't think I'll do a lot
  9. I got a switch in December and am slowly getting back into games haha. I started with a lot of platformers like Mario (just finished Odyssey) and Crash Bandicoot, but now I recently got Zelda Breath of the Wild and Octopath traveller. I decided to focus on Zelda as main game for now and even though I've only been playing for 3 hours I really like it!
  10. I'd love to! I read justice of kings last year and am going to read the sequel when it comes out
  11. I think you might have seen it already Steve, but I really liked the Vvitch... It's too scary for me to rewatch But I do recommend it if you're not easily scared.
  12. Great review Steve! I really enjoyed the movie and the discussion we had afterwards. And like Erin said, great inclusion of the clips, it doesn't give anything away but gives a feeling of the type of movie it is.
  13. Sad I missed this somehow (I don't know how haha, this topic started back in 2022 ) Next time I'll be around!!!
  14. That's such a nice gift to receive! Every new box is another adventure. I have read a couple of Sanderson's books and even though I wasn't a fan of all of them, I did like quite a few (like Mistborn era 1). Hoid is a name I recognize, but like you I'm not entirely certain if I have met Hoid in a book or if I just heard a lot about him haha
  15. I really like pumpkin-zucchini, broccoli, and mushroom soup. And ofcourse the classic, tomato soup... But since I don't eat the peel of tomatoes I need to make it myself because most people don't peel their tomatoes And for favorite games, yes! I have been going a bit wild on the eshop because it had so many good deals, but I'm trying not to start all of them and just wait until I finish one before I start a new one. So far I really like Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy (although I'm only halfway through the first one), and New Super Lucky's Tale. Oh and my husband and I play Rayman Legends together and that's a fun one too. If one of the two dies, the other one can bring him back to life. So it's great if you have one good player (husband) and one bad one (me)... Or if you have a child playing with an adult for example lol. I hope to snatch a Zelda game if I find a good deal! I tried the demo of Greak and it's a lot of fun but I have it on the wishlist for when it goes on sale Ofcourse! I hope Steve and I will enjoy the series. I think it can go either way but it sounds so interesting!
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