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  1. I'd love to! I read justice of kings last year and am going to read the sequel when it comes out
  2. Sad I missed this somehow (I don't know how haha, this topic started back in 2022 ) Next time I'll be around!!!
  3. That's such a nice gift to receive! Every new box is another adventure. I have read a couple of Sanderson's books and even though I wasn't a fan of all of them, I did like quite a few (like Mistborn era 1). Hoid is a name I recognize, but like you I'm not entirely certain if I have met Hoid in a book or if I just heard a lot about him haha
  4. I really like pumpkin-zucchini, broccoli, and mushroom soup. And ofcourse the classic, tomato soup... But since I don't eat the peel of tomatoes I need to make it myself because most people don't peel their tomatoes And for favorite games, yes! I have been going a bit wild on the eshop because it had so many good deals, but I'm trying not to start all of them and just wait until I finish one before I start a new one. So far I really like Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy (although I'm only halfway through the first one), and New Super Lucky's Tale. Oh and my husband and I play Rayman Legends together and that's a fun one too. If one of the two dies, the other one can bring him back to life. So it's great if you have one good player (husband) and one bad one (me)... Or if you have a child playing with an adult for example lol. I hope to snatch a Zelda game if I find a good deal! I tried the demo of Greak and it's a lot of fun but I have it on the wishlist for when it goes on sale Ofcourse! I hope Steve and I will enjoy the series. I think it can go either way but it sounds so interesting!
  5. Hooray for all the Game of Thrones readers! I'm starting that one either this evening or tomorrow depending on when I finish the Wolf of Oren-Yaro Car is in the garage because the old junk decided to die on me. Luckily it's only a 80 euros and a quick fix was enough but I do think I'll have to save up for a new one by the end of this year. But this evening I can go and get it... In time for my first day of work in 2023 on Monday Since it's the last weekend we're taking it slow. Just had a nice walk with the dogs, and I'm having dinner with my parents this evening. Then it's reading/playing on the switch/watching an episode of Game of Thrones. Repeat the same thing tomorrow but hopefully I'll be able to film a couple of videos for the channel so I can relax during my first week back at work. I also want to make a LOT of soup so I have something healthy to eat for lunch.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! I just received Thomas The Rhymer as a Christmas gift so I'm pleased to see it on the list
  7. I don't really know where I stand. On the one hand I like to use the new year as a good excuse to start implementing things I wanted to change about my life anyway. But, sometimes the New Year is NOT the good time, you're still in the middle of other projects for example, and then it's a bit stupid and even hold you back if you force yourself to add something to the list instead of just waiting a couple of months. And the other side of the coin: saying in October 'I'll start next year!' is a way of sticking your head in the sand. Why not start right now? So I am that type of person who has a lot of lists and resolutions for the new year because I like it, but at the same time I really want to learn that if I fail, it's okay to jump back into the saddle even if it's halfway through the year For example: my reading journal spreads are not ready and I'm going to be honest: I'm having a hard time not just letting it go and trying in 2024. Which is just stupid because I love crafting and writing it down in lists so who cares that the journal starts at January 10th instead of the first day of the year? (talking new year resolutions: I want to lose weight but that's same old same old focus on my mental health and do less social media scrolling - talking to people like on the forum and discord is fine but no mindless instagram or Facebook) and one that is not so easy to measure: I want to live more mindful and enjoy things to the fullest. Romanticize life if you will.
  8. I am still early in my journey through her works, but I'm so happy I found out about her and decided to give The Forgotten Beasts of Eld a go. Alphabet of Thorn is a favorite of mine, it grew on me more and more as I continued and it's amazing how much she was able to make you feel in such a short story. I have the Riddle Master, Winter Rose, and The Book of Atrix Wolfe on my physical TBR to dive into next. I don't know what the books are about, since I feel it almost doesn't matter if she is the author. You know the story is going to be magical and the prose wonderful.
  9. Hope you feel better soon Steve! Definitely take it easy! I finally made the decision to order a nintendo switch (after facing the truth, a gaming pc is way too expensive for the amount I play and also the type of games I enjoy) and it arrives on Monday! So I've been watching a lot of YouTube-game-people talk about the switch haha This evening I have a liveshow on Joana Sousas channel, just a chat with her and Johanna, and tomorrow I have a housewarming + filming and editing a video for tomorrow evening. Oh, and I hope to finish my current read!
  10. @Drewand others who are going to join: there is a work emergency and am not going to be home in time so we will reschedule asap!
  11. @Steve I think so, I'm trying to find the website but ofcourse I keep failing, but it was in Cambridge en of April if I'm not mistaken! (But chances that I get accepted are very slim )
  12. Haha I always have time for you guys! And thanks! I do hope all of it will be successful because I couldn't ask for a better present to get into the holiday period and close off the year! I don't have my hopes up for Boston but at the very least preparing that abstract is a good step for my second manuscript (the final one I need to complete). And who knows, maybe I'll visit Boston for the first time in a couple of months!
  13. This weekend is busy on the booktube related stuff! Tonight ofcourse the Friday Conversation, tomorrow evening I have a Liveship Traders conversation on Joana's Chanel, and Sunday we have the Trouble With Peace conversation on my channel together with Raf and José. Besides that I have filming planned, a walk with the dogs, and a visit to my brother on Sunday. I had planned for this weekend to be a bit calmer buuuut I am finally allowed to submit my paper today so that means working until the Friday conversation start, and I have also received green light to make a manuscript for a congress that is being held in Boston, deadline next week. So this weekend will be filled with a lot of job related stuff.
  14. It will be on mine! As soon as I have made the thumbnail and all that stuff I'll post the link here
  15. Together with José from Amazing Worlds and Raf Blutaxt I'll be discussing the second book in the Age of Madness trilogy!
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