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  1. I arranged to be free Sunday the 26th if that works for everyone!
  2. Going to be honest here, I don't really know if I want to continue with this one It's not that I thought the first one was bad, but (for me at least) maybe average at best? I can't say that I care too much about what's going to happen next... I'm not saying I'm never going back to the series but at this point I don't see myself reading one book per month and not dread the experience at the end of the road.
  3. My birthday is in June (and the on of my father, brother, and godchild haha, it's a busy month) so I can't promise that I'll be free that weekend, but if I am I'll be there
  4. Glad to hear the test was negative! We had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday my father in law had his birthday party but at that point my husband was already not feeling great so we didn't stay too long. I don't know the exact word in English but a handyman came and had a look at the roof of our storehouse because we need a new one. He'll send us an estimation next week and I'm very nervous On Sunday my nephew had his birthday party (he turned 2) and I thought it was in the evening but apparently it was already at 12AM and I didn't have a gift yet sooo that was stressful. Husband couldn't come along because at that point it was a full blown stomach flu.
  5. I think I'm going to buy the entire series in mmpb's when the time comes... I'm reading the ebook so luckily it's not too bad that it's this format but still. Some nice hardcovers really wouldn't hurt!
  6. I think I also heard something about a kindle colour? If that happens, and we can easily access manga and graphic novels (haven't looked into that), I think I might get a kindle after my e-reader dies
  7. I'd prefer June 5th if that is okay with everyone
  8. https://streamyard.com/2k8gkzprj8 Link to the Priest of Bones stream!
  9. https://streamyard.com/eu3x9awdyk Link for the red country stream!
  10. Jolien Reads

    Red Country Discussion

  11. https://streamyard.com/2k8gkzprj8
  12. Would early June be okay for all of you? Then I'll make it my first book for the June TBR
  13. I'll make it work! After hearing so much about the series yesterday I am curious to see what all the fuss is about!
  14. Yeah... It's a mess. And even if you try to ignore it, it's almost impossible because youtube tries to push those videos. And well... Once you click one it only gets worse I am glad the truth is getting out but at the same time it's a shame it had to come this far. And we haven't seen the end of it because apparently Marilyn Manson is thinking about having the same type of trial with his ex? I don't know why I know this but somehow I do
  15. I'm not the biggest fan of patreon to be honest, but a lot of people are so that might be a great alternative. I've seen adds on my vids (at the start) before monetization, so I feel like 'if they're going to throw adds on my videos anyway, I'd rather get those 2 cents than give them to youtube' I don't plan to put adds in the middle of videos unless they're 20+ minutes long or something like that, because I find it extremely annoying when I'm watching a short video and it has 3 adds in the middle. But one at the start and maybe one in the middle if it's a long video? That sounds fine.
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