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  1. I've never been to the east coast of the US. I grew up in California and currently live in Texas. One day I will make it there. My husband really wants to go to Niagara Falls it in New York State and you can cross into Canada to see it from that side. It's supposed to be beautiful 😍
  2. https://youtube.com/shorts/au9y1aGFpog?feature=share
  3. I would love to join. Surprisingly, my schedule is pretty open this month.
  4. My favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard Actually it is Elf. As a kid, my favorite was A Charlie Brown Christmas because it always came on TV on Christmas Eve and we would watch it together as a family.
  5. So far my re-read of GOT is going great! I forgot how well these books are written. I'm flying through the pages.
  6. 2 weeks would be June 29th. I'm free that day, but I'm also free next Friday too.
  7. This format is perfect for me. It will help me stay on track versus waiting to start at the last minute and then cancelling 😜. I am free both days at those times, so what works for everyone else is good for me. I'm actually excited!!
  8. I don't think I care, but it is a bonus if there is one. I used the maps in the Malazan books a lot. @Jolien Reads you can bookmark the map page and it's a lot easier to go back and forth.
  9. Dungeons and Dragons campaign. There is a limit of 6 players so please RSVP. It will be first come first served.
  10. Good news. I was just chatting with @Ashley/ReadNowSleepLtr and she said JD would DM for us! I will work with her to find out JD's availability and then we can coordinate a schedule that works for everyone one. This is going to be so much fun!!
  11. I recently started playing D&D at a local bookstore. The game master keeps it pretty simple for us newbies, but it means we really don't get into the more complex stories. I was thinking of recruiting a game master to run a D&D campaign for a few interested friends here. Or even better, maybe someone has experience with D&D and would like to run a game online for us. Who would be interested in joining? I have been told that "hiring" a game master usually costs anywhere from $10-$20 per person per session which usually last 3-4 hours and we can decide how often we want to meet.
  12. Stacyejaye

    May Wrap Up

    I am so behind on your blog! It is amazing that you keep this going even when I know you aren't feeling 100% or even 90%. *hugs* Anyway, I had a mediocre reading month in May. I just couldn't shake a reading slump that may have been brought on by a bit of burnout. I decided to take it easy in June so we will see how it goes. Anyway, I didn't read most of the books that I was supposed to read with you, but you rated them all 5 stars so I will be making them a priority this month. I have never read Carrie and I also want to read more SK. Maybe I will try to get the audiobook and listen to it in June as well. I was watching Stranger Things 4 last night and I was getting Carrie vibes with what was happening to Eleven in California. Speaking of Stranger Things. Do you watch that show? I haven't finished season 4 yet, but so far I think this is the scariest of the shows history. Which is saying a lot. I have been watching a lot more "TV" in the recent weeks as I slowed down on my reading. Mostly reruns of favorite shows, because I don't feel like investing in anything new. I am going to wrap up my comment by sharing the only 2 books that I really enjoyed reading in May. The first one I gave 5 stars was Book Lovers by Emily Henry. It was so good. As an avid reader (and fan of Gilmore Girls), I could really relate with one of the characters (I will let you guess which one). But it is also an enemies to friends to lovers romance and it was done soooo well. I highly recommend. The second book I gave 5 stars was Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher. This is a fairytale type fantasy that felt like a Grim Brothers story. It is a stand alone (I think), but I wouldn't mind more books about these characters. This book is really about the strength women have. Not physical, but emotional and mentally. Women endure more than we succumb and I think that this story puts that on display. It is also funny and heartwarming while exploring dark themes and atmosphere. I loved the writing style and will definitely be reading more of T. Kingfisher's fantasy. I also recommend the author's horror novel titled The Hollow. I read it last year and really enjoyed it as well. **Note: also humorous, but very dark Anyway...thank you Brandie for continuing your blog admit your personal struggles. I really enjoy reading them every month. Cheers to you!
  13. What would be he best day and time for you? I don't want you to miss the discussion!
  14. Hey Steve, I don't know if can have this read so soon after Malazan. Is anyone opposed to the last weekend of June? 25th or 26th?
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