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  1. What would be he best day and time for you? I don't want you to miss the discussion!
  2. I'm out commiting to 1 chapter a day, but I don't have a problem reading multiple books at a time. So, for me it doesn't feel long, but I can see how it would feel that way if it was all I was reading. There's a lot going here and without a break, it would definitely feel daunting
  3. No and I've checked everywhere. I am starting to think it is was never printed in trade format. Wouldn't it be cool if Amazon could print any book in trade size? The traditional publishing world needs to learn to work with Amazon and take advantage of print on demand. They are missing out on potential profits
  4. Hey Steve, I don't know if can have this read so soon after Malazan. Is anyone opposed to the last weekend of June? 25th or 26th?
  5. This is an impressive list. A lot of long books. Are you reading just Little Women or are you reading the bind up that includes Little Wives? I also picked the Dark Side. I thought the prompts were more fun (what does that say about me?). I tried to fit in all the books I already planned to read for the month of May, but I will probably have to change my TBR as library books become available. For example, Nettle & Bone is waiting for me to pick it up now. This was a surprise, because I thought I was far down the list, but YAY! The one book I didn't find room for was Memories of Ice which is the next Malazan book. I thought if I put it in this TBR I would be forced to finish it by the end of the month. But now @Steve wants to have the show the first Sunday of June, so I might as well put it into this readathon lol. It would be perfect for the Galactic Empire prompt: a book that intimidates you. The good news is that more than half of the books I plan to read are less than 350 pages. So, the pressure isn't so bad. I am trying to figure out a fun way to put this TBR into my bullet journal. Do I make a whole spread or just put the TBR into my monthly spread. What are you doing? So here is my list as of today: Comprehend Speech - neutral ability - A translated novel - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami (reading this for Asian and Pacific Islander Month) Seduction- a book with a pretty cover- The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince by Robin Hobb Force Fear- a horror/thriller book- The Cipher by Isabella Maldonado Corruption- start a series- The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart Mind Control- pets or people chose the book for you- Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (picked by my son, he picked a Star Wars book first, but I asked him to pick something shorter lol) Weapons: Lightsaber- a book with your favorite color on the cover- Book Lovers by Emily Henry (blue) Blasters- take another shot at a previous ability prompt- comprehend speech - City of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon Space Ships- a book that has a sky or space/stars on the cover- Kulti by Mariana Zapata Partners: First Order - a book with a compelling first line - Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher Droids- audiobook/ebook- The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King
  6. So, my son started reading The Hobbit a few days ago. He is doing immersion reading with the Serkis audiobook. I have never seen him this excited about a book. He loves to read and he has many favorites, but this one I think is special because he has been a big fan of LOTR, but had struggled to read it in the past. He was only 6 or 7 at the time. We tried the audiobooks before, but he didn't like the narrator. Now with Andy Serkis, it is fun and he brings the story to life. Even the songs are fun to listen to! I read a lot of the books you have on here lol, but I want to share my thoughts on The Dark Tower. This book also wrecked me. I sobbed, SOBBED, while reading it. Maybe it was hormones, but I like to give credit to the author who made characters that felt so real that I genuinely mourned the end of this series. I am very seriously considering re-reading this whole series, but this time reading the connected books along the way. I have been wanted to re-read The Stand, but the original version. So maybe I will start there. I love how the Council of High Ladies has evolved. Our readathons have always been fun and I look forward to them every month. What do you think about us going back and doing check in shows and sprints? Maybe just on discord?
  7. That actually works best for me too.
  8. I liked the audiobook. The narrator is the same for all Zapata's books.
  9. Stacyejaye

    The Dark Tower Discussion

    @BrandieNoel, @Jeff Lane @JosephRcarrel Is everyone still ok with the date and time for this event?
  10. Agreed. I took a break after our 50 pages. But to be fair, I've been in a slump
  11. Fine with that. I haven't started it yet
  12. I am really enjoying this book! Only 200 pages into it, but so far so good. @Steve, have you read this yet?
  13. I just RSVP'd, but right now it is tentative because it is my birthday weekend and I may have to do social stuff with non-readers. Ugh!
  14. I think that even if it is trolling, it has sparked a conversation about free speech and the culture of censorship within social media. I also think majority opinion is suppressed, especially on Twitter, because radical ideas are more entertaining. Elon Musk has expressed an idea that social media platforms should be subject to regulations that prevent the dilution of the majority and that censorship is a violation of free speech. I would like to see him use his money to bring this change, even if he isn't successful in buying Twitter.
  15. I want to join, but I would want to stagger this with Malazan. I don't think I can handle reading books for both series in the same month. When is the next Malazan show?
  16. Also, I love this idea and I think I will steal it. I started shortening my TBR to "must reads" in order to leave room for my mood reading. I think a second rotating TBR of 20 books I want to read soon will help keep me from slumping. I'm going to start putting it together in my bullet journal. Maybe it's time to go shopping for new washi tape.
  17. Now that you are caught up to me in The Realm of the Elderlings, we can buddy read Fool's Errand!! No show, no pressure. We can start whenever and chat about it offline. I've been struggling to get back to Fitz. You might be the kick in the arse I need
  18. I might drop her a line on Twitter...
  19. I actually think this helps your credibility.
  20. The problem with these lists is that they usually select "literary" fantasy in order to appeal to a larger audience. As a fantasy reader, I find it frustrating because it creates an unnecessary barrier for potential readers of the fantasy genre. They will assume that these are the "best 50" books that the genre has to offer. So why bother with anything not on this list. We all know that there are so many incredible books that are missing here. Some that I think deserve to be listed far above most of what is listed here. I have only read 9 of the 50 on the list.
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