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  1. I LEGALLY acquired my episodes so I’m chilling
  2. I would actually like to host Kings of Ash if that’s okay with Stacey .
  3. I would like to roll over to 2.0
  4. I bought the series on ITunes . Episode 1 done
  5. On iTunes it’s $30 bucks for the whole series
  6. His Champion Saga is so good! Can’t wait for the third book
  7. Robbie Amell withdrew from the project. Austin Stonewell took over the role.
  8. Raul Reads


    I feel you. It's hard to maintain too ma.y things in order.
  9. Raul Reads


    That's honestly why I'm iffy on ditching goodreads. It serves its purpose so I can't complain.
  10. Raul Reads


    Ahhh that makes sense.
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