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  1. Yeah, just a message about how much he liked the book and I hope I enjoyed it. Inscribing it makes it a possession IMO.
  2. He Who Fights With Monsters Book 6
  3. Yes. The purpose of gifting a book isn't to provide someone with a possession, it's to gift them an experience. Some books I have like the 1st gunslinger in hard copy were gifted to me by close friends and have a message inside the cover, of course those stay forever, but the rest move on to those who will read them. I gift many books to the library.
  4. ATM - League, Sniper Elite 4, AC Valhalla, and Dragons Dogma.
  5. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it wasn't a bad game. Overhyped for sure.
  6. Jag

    No Man’s Sky Outlaws

    Get it on sale. It's super fun and interesting and you will enjoy yourself. The game just ends when you are like...ok that was fun.
  7. Jag

    No Man’s Sky Outlaws

    It is fun, but a lot of the game has to do with building or discovering rare stuff like modules. There is no engaging story line or levels really, so the look what I found/discovered fun, the naming, building, and so on tends to lose its luster without someone to show it too. Aside from seeing people at a specific kind of hub you won't see anyone ever. The universe is just too big. I have not once seen anyone anywhere out in the universe. It's even rare to find someplace that someone else has been and already named/discovered. There is a dungeon finder of sorts for grouping with people for specific missions that have people as well. Like most multiplayer games these tend to be a racing kinda thing. Similar to destiny.
  8. Jag

    No Man’s Sky Outlaws

    It's fun and great with friends, but also only a 7/10 game.
  9. Jag

    Command Decks

    So I played the hell outa MTG in the mid 90's. Tournaments, boxes, sets the whole gig. Got rid of them all back in the day (regrets). Anyhow, my oldest says his friends want him to get a command deck together. Where do I start and how much should I expect to invest?
  10. Has anyone ever referred to you as a zombie junkie before? haha!
  11. Maps Maps and more maps. Maps of the world, nation, country city, battlefield, rout to the outhouse, or whatever. Love em.
  12. There is a lot of untold mystery in the north. Possibly more walkers, the children of the forests, and yet unexplored land.
  13. Looks like prosthetics are back on the menu boys!
  14. The world building was pretty amazing, it's just that without source material the writers fell apart. With good writers there are a lot of great characters I would love to see more of.
  15. I remember liking it.
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