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  1. To be ‘well read’ is down to subjective parameters. Based on mine, I don’t feel like I have to read a series or author to be considered ‘well read’ but I read such series or authors to understand the ‘corner stones’ of fantasy culture specifically for my developing writing style. For instance, after I read Dune (I know it’s Sci-Fi not Fantasy) I immediately understood why it inspired a lot of Fantasy literature. By the way, the quality of writing in Dune is 🤯🤯.
  2. I would be down to take on one of the streams. I am travelling to Nigeria for the first time in 10 years so december and January are a no no for me. I can take the stream in March. @Jeremy Fee you don't have to show your face. you can switch on your audio and shut off your camera. It would be dope to have you for this. Also don't forget about our deal
  3. Let do it! I am looking forward to this.
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