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  1. Here's a Goblin list I'm working on. Sometimes explosive, sometimes not. https://www.mtgvault.com/magonista/decks/red-earthquake-goblins/
  2. We had 11 players at The Eclectic Cave today. Top decks were Mono Blue Delver, Orzhov Pestilence, Orzhov Extort, Boggles, then there were also Burn, Red Deck Wins, Golgari Tortured Existence, Boggles, and two Affinity decks. Some of us talked about having some beer and Pauper at some point. For practice and conversation.
  3. On Friday nights the meta has been Mono-Black aggro, Elves, Red Deck Wins, and Burn. Last time I wrote out a Sunday Meta was the 18th of February. There are new players so things are changing a little bit. 2 Affinity, Mono-Blue Delver, 2 Elves decks, a Mill deck, Rally Gond, Inside Out, Pirate Flicker, and Murasa Tron. I'm planning on playing today. The Eclectic Cave now has Pauper on Sunday at 1, Wednesday at 6:30, and Friday at 7.
  4. It was good turnout. The deck is almost the same as the 420 Dragon list, except I still run one Sage's Row Denizen in case I go up against an infinite life type of deck. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-wub-42077#paper If I come up with any different lists I'll share here.
  5. I've been playing Familiars, mostly because they use Prosperous Pirates and I've always tried to figure out pirate decks in Pauper. I've also used the Familiars shell with allies to try life drain or mill decks. Not Tier 1, yet can be fun. This is how MTGO is most useful for me. Testing out random things and not having to switch decks, make someone playtest, etc. It would be nice to have more time to create a gauntlet and playtest in real life. I have a good number of decks, updating multiple decks can be a challenge. Hoping that Pauper fires at 1 at The Eclectic Cave today in Burque. Happy New Year Everyone!
  6. Thanks for the shout out. The interesting thing to me is that I had never heard the term "SJW" until I started following Magic related stuff on Twitter. I believe I actually fall under that category as I do try to think about making spaces comfortable for women, LGTBQ folks, people of color, and those who can't afford expensive decks. I hope I do that without bashing on others. Respecting everyone as a person is key.
  7. Sorry I've been off the forum for a bit. The Pauper Cube went well! The meta doesn't change a lot unless we get a new player. I play a deck for about a month or so. Hopefully we fire today. Now that Pauper is getting some recognition we will have to see.
  8. The set is interesting, I'm mixed on the set up and will need to look at the story for once. However I will be building Pirates in EDH (replacing my existing pirates deck), Pauper, Frontier, and Standard (in case I play that sometime) If anyone is brewing Pauper Pirates I'm all in for brainstorming and testing, etc.
  9. Well, it is a "miracle" card and used in some burn builds. It's a dead card in your hand in a mono-red deck. I use Brainstorm and put it back on top of my deck if it ended up in my hand. So if it's the first card you draw in a turn you pay 1 mana instead of 6 for 5 damage. There is a build on MTGGoldfish, mine is similar. Sweet when it works and painful when it doesn't
  10. That and ash barrens in every multi-colored deck. Battle Screech is a little pricey for Pauper in paper. Online it is ultimately cheaper because you only need one playset and it is automatically moved around. Having 3 players in my family means at minimum I end up with 2-3 playsets of heavily used cards. I used to also have extra decks for people who were just wanting to try the format out. We have enough regulars that it is not an issue anymore. I'm thinking about writing something about playing as a family and my also playing online on top of that. I'm very happy Pauper is a serious format (even if not sanctioned). AND it will become much more expensive if it does.
  11. Today looked like Dimir Control, Burn, Boros Monarch, Simic Tron, Soul Sisters, Mono Green Infect, Izzet Blitz, and Red Deck Wins. I like that it is not 100% stable meta. Yet there are some regular decks. Next week will likely be pre-release. I'll still take Pauper decks just in case. I'm trying to get my familiars/pirate deck up and running again. Going to look at the Simic Tron list to try and speed it up.
  12. It is similar to a deck I saw on MagicGatheringStrat where CreepEVee is playing RW exert in match one. Not exactly the same.
  13. I'm still trying out different Thunderous Wrath shells. I am also trying to take some of the started Pauper decks I have finish them off. It's somewhat of a "pauper gauntlet" - all 30 decks listed on MTGGoldfish would be $2,116. I don't think I would go that far. I'll have to inventory what I have and go from there. My "problem" is that I enjoy brewing so it is hard to keep track of what I'm doing.
  14. Sweet find! I'm maxed out on Commander for now though I will keep an eye out. Appreciate that you let us know!
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