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  1. I've DNF'd the book, so I won't be attending.
  2. A conflict has come up for me. I can do 2 or more hours earlier the same day or a later day. I'm fine with a livestream.
  3. I love maps in books! It does annoy me if there is a lot of traveling in a fantasy novel and there is no map to follow along. *cough* Black Company *cough*
  4. I paid $4.629 & $4.699 for it today in NC. Yesterday in VA I paid $5.279. It was around $5 in MD. On Monday it was $4.859 in WV & $4.759 in OH. On Friday it was $4.499 in KY and $4.799 in OH. (I visited my brother this weekend with visits to family and friends on the way back)
  5. Get well soon. Hopefully it is either a light cold or the vaccine will do its thing.
  6. https://streamyard.com/emnug9qys3
  7. That a reasonable reason to keep them private. I do think the benefits outweigh the negatives. If there is someone whose video I've commented on and am not subscribed to, it is an oversight on my part. It's happened several times now, and hopefully I've caught all of them.
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