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  1. I have no preference. With enough notice I should be available any evening during the week (with the possible exception of Thursday) and during daylight hours on the weekend.
  2. The audiobook just became available on Libby and I'm between books, so I'm going to go ahead and read it. When I placed the hold, the wait time was 8 weeks. It was actually only 2 weeks. How does mid to late July sound?
  3. I love maps in books! It does annoy me if there is a lot of traveling in a fantasy novel and there is no map to follow along. *cough* Black Company *cough*
  4. I'm good for either month. Just give me a couple of weeks advanced notice to actually get through the book.
  5. I paid $4.629 & $4.699 for it today in NC. Yesterday in VA I paid $5.279. It was around $5 in MD. On Monday it was $4.859 in WV & $4.759 in OH. On Friday it was $4.499 in KY and $4.799 in OH. (I visited my brother this weekend with visits to family and friends on the way back)
  6. I think the earliest I could start would be late June or July. I have got a copy of the book and I'm looking forward to reading it.
  7. It depends. I'm willing to read the first in an unfinished series to try out the author. Of course, there's the Xanth series, which I started reading in 1987. There are 45 published books in the series and the author is still writing books for it.
  8. Nice! I read The Complete Robot at the end of 2020 and I have a review on my channel along with two other of his short story collections. Earlier this month I finished book 4 of his Robot series. I have a series review recorded and hopefully I can release the review next week. Asimov's Empire Series is next, but I may take a few months before I start it.
  9. Get well soon. Hopefully it is either a light cold or the vaccine will do its thing.
  10. That's awesome that you're going to chat with Mike. The fact that he had a successful channel helped me decide to start my own. I don't really have a question for him, but tell him I said hi and thank you.
  11. Why do I feel challenged to finish the Netflix series regardless? (I'm still trying to finish the book.)
  12. Stacey created the events in the calendar, so I assumed she was going to. I can host one of them if necessary. I only have the free version of Streamyard, so I am limited to six. Also, I don't mind participating in the chat only if we have too many people who want to join in.
  13. There's 10 in the main series. He later wrote an 11th called Port of Shadows that takes place between the 1st and 2nd books. The reaction to it has been mixed and currently it's not part of Slowly Red's readalong.
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