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  1. Hey guys! I'm going to sit this one out. There's no way I am finishing in time. But I'll come swing by in the chat for a bit while you cover the parts I did read πŸ˜…
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Ercy, and in this video I am doing the Best Chapter Tag!
  3. I'll be in the comments for this one! I didn't finish in time πŸ˜…
  4. Thank you so much! I think I should be back in time to join in. I'm like 90% sure of that. It's that 10% possibility of being stuck on the mountain highway that I'm afraid of πŸ˜… Thanks again! And I definitely agree. I just passed the part with Roland's dance in front of the people in the Calla. That was pretty interesting.
  5. This was super helpful! Thank you for sharing it. I currently have 1 ring light and rely on the lights around my apartment to help. Or natural light if I'm near my balcony door. (But then I get car noise since I'm by a busy road). But I'm going to play around with what I have with the tips from this video.
  6. LOL Goodreads said the page count for the ebook is about 600 pages. Thats pretty tame for King apparently
  7. Hey @Stacyejaye! I know I volunteered to host this one after the last discussion, but do you want to take the reins on this one? My family is planning a trip to the mountains that weekend. I think we'll be on our way back that Saturday.
  8. Everyone is good at my place. I think we're just sick of being in quarantine. Even though we're past the new CDC guideline for quarantine, my husband is still paranoid so we're still stuck home. So while symptoms are good, I think its more the mental health aspect that we're trying to get past. Just trying to stay positive but we're all so sick of this quarantine. Glad everyone is feeling a bit better though!
  9. It seems like it hit everywhere! After our NY trip, my daughter and I tested negative, but my husband had like the faintest line on his at home test (which we drove to like 10 different stores to find because, same here in Oregon, no appointments anywhere.) Same here, cold like symptoms, but nothing crazy since my husband and I are vaccinated. But what's funny is that with this new CDC guideline, we are out of quarantine already because the period is only 5 days instead of the full 14 days from before. We're also taking this time to just chill out with our daughter, play some board games; do some crafts; watch Encanto for like the 20th time. But hopefully everyone feels better soon! It's no fun to just be home when you don't feel well. This too shall pass...hopefully.
  10. Fridays and Saturdays I have a guaranteed babysitter LOL (You saw how squiggly she is in that Secret Santa videoπŸ˜…) So for voting sake, want to do the 4th?
  11. I don't mind! It is a pretty big book LOL Want to push it for the 29th or 30th? Or whatever works 😁
  12. Such a funny idea πŸ˜‚ If it was during the day it'd be coffee, sidewalk chalk, and some wipeys. If its at night it'd be wine, hoop earrings, and a laptop.
  13. Hey Steve, So I think I did the first few steps. I created an account on Stream Yard and linked my channel to it. Then on YouTube, I hit the Go Live button, and now its up to YouTube to verify. It says it takes 24 hours before I can go Live on the channel. So I'm just in the waiting period for that now. After approval, I would need to return to Streamyard and connect again in order to get verified with Streamyard and it says it'll take 24-48 hours to get approved on streamyard. So now the waiting game before the next few steps. Is there anything else I should be doing now to approve my account for Lives? I'm nervous about it, but I'm pretty excited πŸ˜†
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