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  1. Late to this party cause I'm a slow reader. One hell of a mind bending book and even worse after watching the meetup ya'll had
  2. Took my siblings to the pool and helped mow the lawn and work in the garden
  3. X2 waiting for a few more games
  4. There's speculation that Trump leaked them to troll the media
  5. How did you do in the tournament?
  6. Abaddon


    People will be paid to riot and get bussed I
  7. Think I'll stick with sealed product
  8. Abaddon

    Christmas Dinner

    We always open gifts on Christmas Eve, then gather at my parents house the next morning to start preparing lunch. I'm hungry now too
  9. Wonder if @MTGZuby had this in his infamous Wall deck
  10. Lol that's a cool combo. This blog makes me more popular with my friends.
  11. Call out so I can get better
  12. Wow Blackguards for $5
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