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  1. Did you enjoy the Wheel of Time adaptation?
  2. Is this legit? Seems like an article from The Onion
  3. Don't forget to add the X-Men arc of God Loves, Man Kills after last nights Friday Conversation! And... you may want to find that Daredevil arc at a used bookstore, the price on Amazon is
  4. Chocolate and raisins is pretty damn delicious. Highly recommend.
  5. Would you say it's mostly peeps newer to the social media/promotional aspect of content creation and selling books?
  6. That's on all-star roster you've assembled
  7. Would asking if they prefer physical or ebook be worth adding? Or if they require one or the other, I've heard some reviewers require physical and won't touch digital.
  8. Speaking of Poppy War, Rin is a divisive character. What are your thoughts on divisive characters similar to Rin?
  9. Do you have a favorite character archetype?
  10. I loved Oathbreaker!! It was like a heavy metal album in book form
  11. How long has the idea for Eleventh Cycle been in your mind?
  12. Thank you for replying! I have the Wild Dark but didn’t want to spoil myself. I’ll read Hallowed Oblivion first
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