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  1. A family commitment came up so I'm unable to make the livestream.. I finished last night and this is honestly one of my favorite vampire novels I've ever read. It's rare I get a chance to read something written from a place of so much appreciation. Both for vampires and history which I immediately saw in the first chapter. I had some questions if they can be fit organically in the discussion. If Nicole was teaching a master class on Vampires, what would be on the reading list? Additionally, what's on the watch list? What, if anything, Can Nicole say about the next book? (Add-on: How am i meant to survive until that's out?) The romance(s) were amazing in the book, what are the biggest sources of inspiration for those? Thanks so much Steve for choosing this book btw, absolutely loved it. Hope the discussion goes great!
  2. I used WorldtimeBuddy website it says this starts at 8pm Christchurch New Zealand Time. but as far as i know, the forum always displays the events in my time zone. I think it converts automatically?
  3. Is there room on the screen? I love reading sprints.
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