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  1. I'm currently painting a nature illustration of a creature someone designed! It's a little.marsupial drinking from some kind of Australian flower
  2. Hope eveyone with good weather will enjoy it We had snow the last two days, even though it was right around freezing point and mos of it is mush at this point. Gonna probably take a walk tomorrow, then enjoy being a couch potato and mostly play video-games, paint a painting I'm working, embroidering and trying to read about 270 pages of Game of Thrones over the next few days if I can help it! So efinitely fun filled 😄
  3. Is this still happening, or did we skip this in favour of meeting for the penultimate book in the series?
  4. I had the same as Jolien, I somehow missed it but hope to drop in next time, it sounds like a ton of fun!
  5. Since it's late I will reply tomorrow about video-games but for now I just wanna say, since its topical, in 1.5 hour the Game awards are gonna start, basically the Oscars of Video-Gaming. Elden Ring will probably swipe a lot of rewards, including game of the year. That's it, I will return for more shenaningans tomorrow!
  6. Sojnds like all americans had an amazing holiday and to those who didn't have Thanksgiving, I hope you have lovely weekends elsewhere! I'm going to visit a friend of mine who moved to Delft today, probably gonna look at her home and walk around the city for a bit. Tonight gonna relax when I come home. Tomorrow, gonna try and maybe film a video? The itch is there again hahahaha other than that this weekend is mostly for relaxing. Work has been crazy so I need to take a breather haha
  7. I'm gonna join this one as it is prime just-after-dinner time to read 😄
  8. It's amazing you continue to support and promote other people's content on this serve ❤️
  9. Sounds like you all have a fun weekend ahead, plenty of fun stuff to do! @Amazing WorldsI hope you and your wife have a good relationship! (As in, hope it's all in a good laughter hahahah) And plenty of fun everyone ❤️ The night Pokémon game is releasing today, so gonna play that all night (I'm so hyped omgosh) and do some reading for the wall of stormsd and then maybe join ep 50 of the Friday talks! Tomorrow I don't have much planned so gonna finish wall of storms and play more Pokémon probably 😄 And then later gonna see some friends to organise our friend-day winter edition 2022 And on Sunday nothing much except for the Chat with Ken Liu, so gonna be more pokémon and maybe agraphic novel of some kind!
  10. Omgosh .... Thank you for the kind words D': Some huge compliments right there ....
  11. There doesn't seem to be, so here you are: https://www.instagram.com/hans_sniekers_art/ Thanks for checking it out!
  12. Yeah, it's the focus of one of my favourite books ever! (A Walk in the Woods) so that would be fun 😄 No, I don't write although as much of a lover of stories I am, I think it would be cool to publish one day. Whether that be a graphic novel, a picture book or a novel/short stories, I would not mind as much but I think I'd have to practice first! I have a cool story in my head that I could chat to you guys about! Yeah, I won't mind sharing, should I do it here or find a better spot for it?
  13. At least it's kinda wholesome you want to do what he does as well 😄 These are some great goals! Attainable and fun but also quite memorable 😄 Hope you get ot them one day! I guess my goals I have not really though about, most of it wasfinishing school and getting work which happened over a year ago and still not sure what to do. I'm not travel-perosn but I'd love to hike in the appalachian trial or maybe some other cool trail one day. I'd also love to still publish a book some day, get somewhere with my art craft. Meet my online art (and book) friends, keep up this community. Read all the books I'd love to get to and experience a ton of videoo-games. Get a family, find a partner, get a house (at least before I'm some kind of ages I guess) grow old. Enjoy home-life as much as I can!
  14. I agree, as a gamer hearing that games would be fully streamable was a kinda scary concept! Especially from me, a collector, it was a bit scary not havingt access to said games in due time. Plus, the fact you mentioned that billing was almost always double was also wild ...
  15. You have to either turn them on that for an entire server and if that doesn't work for every separate topic
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