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  1. Is it any good? I've never had it and it only seems to be a thing here because of hte americans. At least I think it's in coffee, even though I don't drink that
  2. I have only experience with written reviews, but I generally do give low-ratings, that's a low-key way to show I disagree, however I don't think I want to write negative reviews. Like you mentioned, it's honestly expected you'll get some hard hate back on stuff others might not agree with, it somehow creates this air of not agreeing and therefore presenting yourself as against a certain author/work. It's just not fun to create this air around you, when you're better off spending some time on a new potential book that might become your next favourite and creating a positive environment of readers who loves this artwork instead! It's a double standard maybe, but it's just better in my opinion to create friends around a shared interest. So yeah, similar to you, I never really read them or watch them on Youtube.
  3. I finished 'Loveless' by Alice Oseman earlier today, such a good book about discovering yourself and parts of you! Gonna read 'Conversations with Friends' now, so I can dive into some more fantasy books afterwards!
  4. Yeah I'm also bummed but hearing you love the break is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes we just get signs from our body that even though we enjoy it, it's done hahaha I'm currently also in one ... I just don't read mostly It works best to do different stuff
  5. It's a shame I missed this discussion but looking forward to watching the discussion soon!
  6. Just as I opened Youtube, this was on the homepage and I found it topical
  7. I have the same as you Steve. I read less at the moment (due to mental health/burn out) but I used to read about a book a week! It worked for me and my schedule. That said I do forget most plot-points right after starting the next, especially with dense fantasy reads! I don't see it as too big of a problem but it is a bummer to forget sometimes ... But I am, like Jolien mentioned, used to read series back to back and going right onto the next installment! It's just to have fun and it's just to have a good time and forgetting means I can eventually reread again :P That said, I don't see the enjoyment reading 30 or even 300 books a month. I've seen people in live-shows who can do it using speed reading but at some point you ask why so much? D:
  8. I guess your answer came a week later, eh? This news came in like an atomic bomb the day the news dropped.absolutely the whole industry was bamboozled! I am really hyped about this but since Microsoft might fix a broken company with beloved franchises but also afraid they'll become allmighty and rivalry will start to diminish between companies ... Guess we'll see (Also excuse me for being so late in reply, haven't been her for like 6 weeks much)
  9. I have a lot of stuff I want to read also, too much to name possibly? :Sweat_smile: I mostly want to do my tbr zero project, get as much stuff read from there as I can
  10. I usually don't make new year's resolutions but things in my life lead me to deciding on a few goals around December/January time so I'm counting them as some I set goals for reading and art this year that I hope to achieve, I don't want to share the numbers just yet, often makes my brain decide I shouldn't do them anymore. I wanna try and loose some weight if I can, to do this I wanna eat less and excercise more (even if this is walking for a bit) I also wanna slow down a bit like a person above here said and maybe slow down enough where I can appreciate life as it comes and don't feel as rushed Then there's life goals too but I choose to ignore them for the time beign, that's something to decide during work times hahaha
  11. I found this too late, too bad xD I'm really glad things like these are happening though!
  12. To anyone who replied about this (So far I've seen Steve and Jolien chat about this) I'd love a Christmas in July, Midsummer gifting It's a hype iea to share and love the things we share a bunch!
  13. I do spoil my person in the second half of my video too, but I opened my book real quick since I'm kinda busy this weekend Thank you @Sapphfor being my amazing secret santa And a happy Holiday season to all of you
  14. I'll have to try and shoot a video too, since this is middle-of-the-night territoryu for me too. I'll try to catch the live but not sure if I'll be able to
  15. This is such a fun topic, I loved reading about all of your answers I would drop a tin box of watercolour paints, a pile of books from my home library and a Nintendo Switch hahaha
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