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  1. I believe it comes out on the 14th. I'd like to do it the 26th of February or maybe the 5th of March.
  2. I think he will stick with that type of story. But it's going to get bigger.
  3. I just read Justice of Kings and I am planning on reading tyranny of faith as soon as it drops. Has anyone else read Justice of Kings and Planning on reading Tyranny of Faith in the first week? Would love to have a discussion a couple weeks after it comes out.
  4. Must stop the Chefs at all cost lol
  5. Just sitting here watching the Bengals do work. Steve your going to look great in orange and black lol.
  6. You can normally get cheap flights to Vegas from anywhere in the US. That would be something interesting to check out
  7. The placebo effect is real. If you believe in it enough, that the new year is going to help you reset something then it just might.
  8. It feels crazy to hit 1,000 subscribers. I'm going to be going live tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. If anybody wants to jump on the live and just BS for a little bit you're free to join on. Or if you just want to jump in the comments for a bit that would be cool too. https://streamyard.com/dgez2ues5c
  9. If the stories don't have to be super long I might be able to jump in
  10. The audiobook is for my second book which is a different character. But it is set in the same universe.
  11. My audiobook has just launched on Audible and iTunes. They gave me some free promo codes to give out to people. So if you are interested just drop a comment here and I will give you the code and instructions in a DM.
  12. The issue with Elon firing people is as I understand it Twitter employees a healthy percentage more people than they actually need to run the company compared with other social media platforms. As far as speech goes again as I understand. He is in favor of implementing the law of freedom of speech to the platform. So if it's good for the law why wouldn't it be good for Twitter. Now I'm not saying that Eli is the answer to all the problems. One thing I will say is I do believe he will give more people their Fair say and he will make Twitter profitable. Which at this point it is losing money.
  13. The last time I used discord was for an online games like 7 years ago lol.
  14. It will be 11am Eastern. https://streamyard.com/s5mmfa9xt7
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