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  1. I have only ever done one negative review so far on my channel. It really wasn't a rant and I was able to find some positives in the book. Normally if I'm going to talk about the negatives of a book I will do it in more of a humorous tone. I don't want to tear anybody down but also there's no problem in pointing out some of the negatives.
  2. There are definitely series that when people hear that you haven't read them think oh my gosh you haven't read anything then. That's a little bit of a reason I made my last video kind of outed myself LOL
  3. JosephRcarrel

    Gas prices

    5.09 here cost me 25 a day to go to work
  4. I'm thinking about doing the first three books
  5. I'm thinking about doing a Dresden Files book discussion. I have a couple fellow booktubers who've said they'd be interested. I was wondering if anyone else would be?
  6. I find the site pretty easy to use so maybe just reinstalling or wiping away stuff that's not used. That way if you do add stuff you can monitor it easier.
  7. Looks like he got it. Maybe we can start uploading full length videos
  8. It's interesting. I mean Bezo bought the Washington Post. I'm sure Elon could find a way to make money off the deal. He's already asking what features people would like to have “Edit button”
  9. JosephRcarrel

    Booktuber Newbie Tag

    Thanks for the support
  10. I watched a documentary about different types of weapons. It showed how much more effective a light stick such as a kali stick is than a heavier object like a baseball bat.
  11. I thought it was fake at first but then seeing Will Smiths face when they panned back to him I think it's real
  12. I I am looking forward to the discussion tomorrow I have something special for the people participating in the discussion
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