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  1. I took a week off for vacation. But I did have a video dropped during that. Since I've got back I feel like my numbers are down slightly but that could just be the type of videos I've been doing.
  2. Some videos I keep for a little while just in case I want to do something else with them. But most of the time I just delete them once my space gets filled. And I don't keep recording of my live streams. Though that might be something I'd like to do later on when I get a better set up.
  3. My next book is a collection of short stories. Once I get further into it maybe I can send you one of the stories.
  4. Mostly I need copy/line editing. I use beta reader to edit my story so I really don't use a developmental editor. Even though my writing has gotten technically better over the last few books. I still would say my weakness is grammar. I also use dictation software so I have to jump back and edit because it's not perfect. Also with dictation software sometimes it will use the word that sounds the same but is spelled differently. There may also be sections where I write fast and I will forget to keep certain things in the same tense. So those are the things I need an editor for mainly. I might be in the market for another editor....
  5. I'm down for Midsommar it was a great movie if you're doing any of these friday saturday or sunday after 7 o'clock eastern i could be in
  6. I am generally always willing to talk about anything I have a little knowledge about. I just think it's fun to chat with people on books and life in general. I always take it as an honor that somebody would want to chat with me on their channel.
  7. I just look at it in a technical sense. It only really means something if you want it to. I would say in a technical sense you go from writer to author once you have a published work. But it's not really a big deal. Because either way you're a writer. It's like being able to add to your resume that you're a paid writer after the first time you get commissioned to write something or someone buys an article from you.
  8. I'll be in Denver from the 17th through the 23
  9. I'd love to join you guys and just all depends on time
  10. I was thinking about doing the discussion on the 26th Maybe noon Eastern Time?
  11. You have a lot of great movies on there. You might like The Ritual, Antlers or Midsummer
  12. I believe it comes out on the 14th. I'd like to do it the 26th of February or maybe the 5th of March.
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