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  1. This is the code for the live chat: https://streamyard.com/fqwtsmpuiu
  2. I'm going to make up the thumbnail for the discussion. I'm going to add everyone that is in the going list. If you can't make it let me know
  3. It's 6 p.m. eastern time correct I'm in Denver Colorado right now and it says 4
  4. Looks like he got it. Maybe we can start uploading full length videos
  5. It's interesting. I mean Bezo bought the Washington Post. I'm sure Elon could find a way to make money off the deal. He's already asking what features people would like to have “Edit button”
  6. Now that you've hit a thousand subs are you monitized?
  7. Some hits and some misses. I've had one get 1900 view and another get 4200. Of course I've hade some get only a handful. Then I had another that did nothing for three days then yesterday it got 850 lol. I've put cards on all of them linking to my longer videos hopefully to get people interested in them.
  8. I'm having a lot more fun with my channel than I thought I would. I want to say a big thanks to all of you for the support. I think I'm going to need a bigger hard drive though lol. I'm even having fun optimizing my videos meta data. Still need to learn more editing.
  9. That is so awesome! Your going to get to have a bunch of fun discussions!
  10. JosephRcarrel

    Booktuber Newbie Tag

    Thanks for the support
  11. I think the next book Memories of Ice UK paperback edition is almost 1200
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