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  1. I'm all for this readalong and would love to participate! I've been wanting to read the series again...it will be my third time. I could read them over and over again for eternity 🥰🖤 @Steve @Beverley Lee
  2. What an absolute blast @Beverley Lee and I had on the live 'Steve Talks To...' today! Thank you so much for your time, Steve. It's always such a pleasure to visit with you 🖤 -- and so grateful for everyone who stopped by and gave us challenging questions! It was so exciting to talk about our passion project at last. Here's the link if anyone would like to watch! Steve, you're an absolute gem and we are so happy to have you as a friend. You're the best!
  3. Definitely! This is a great way to describe it. Feelings of unease building up until you know something has to give… That sounds interesting — I love nautical settings. They’re primed for that, wrought with danger and unpredictable circumstances. @Beverley Lee’s forthcoming novel The Sum of Your Flesh (23 March) involves nautical quiet horror/slow burn: it might be right up your alley!
  4. @Beverley Leeand I are curious to know how you, as a reader, respond to the term/genre 'quiet horror'? Horror seems to be too broad a term for all the subgenres that come under its umbrella. If a book was labelled 'quiet horror,' what would you expect to see within the pages? What do you think, @Steve?
  5. Steve, I could say the same about you. You have given me so much support with Beguiled, and I'll forever be grateful to you! It's always such a pleasure to speak with you. Your love of books and stories is so evident, and it's an honour to know you. @Beverley Leeand I hope we can chat with you about what's on our radar for the coming year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday...and I hope 2023 is a banner year for us all!
  6. @Steve, @Beverley Lee and I talked about how to answer this and we couldn't think of a single instance where we disagreed on an idea. In fact, what happens more often is one of us will verbalise an idea and the other will get freaked out because we had the exact same thought/idea! We've shocked ourselves a number of times that way! The only time we run into problems is when one of the characters digs their heels in. If the story isn't working, it's usually because we haven't been listening to the characters. When this happens, we always, always defer to them. They've never led us astray. Our ultimate trust is in the characters and what they want to tell us 🖤
  7. I second what Beverley said about The Lesser Dead. Another (semi) contemporary one I love is Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite -- it is *very* different from our vampire worlds but it's an interesting take on vampire mythology. And thank YOU so much for the questions! I love any chance to talk about vampires 🤭
  8. Thank you so much, Steve! We feel pretty lucky to have found each other 🖤!
  9. Today is the one-year anniversary of Crimson is the Night, a novelette sequel to my book Beguiled by Night and @Beverley Lee's Gabriel Davenport Series (The Making of Gabriel Davenport, A Shining in the Shadows, and The Purity of Crimson)! Currently out of print, the novelette will be re-released on 13 January 2023 with never-before-seen bonus content!
  10. It's the sole anomaly in an otherwise flawless pairing 🤭
  11. Beverley and I will have to get our own pizzas, I'm afraid 🤭
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