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  1. Currently reading Tigana. It's much more accessible and easier than I built it up in my mind.
  2. It's funny that you mentioned the rest thing because I have learned through the years that rest feels lazy to me UNLESS it's a goal, and then it feels like I'm accomplishing something by doing nothing! It's all about my mindset for getting things done!
  3. I usually can't read multiple books in the same genre because I start to get things confused. I usually have multiple books going, but they are not anything alike or I'll just get things confused. Right now I am reading too many all at the same time and I'm working on getting that down and trying to keep it manageable!
  4. This is so interesting. I haven't ever thought of doing something like this, but I was just sitting down to try to plan out some kind of weekly reading plan for February. I think that'll help me stay more on task and not always feel like I'm sprinting through my reading. I think this is a really cool way of doing it. If you don't do what's on the list, do you have a backup plan or is it pretty easy to stick with what you've planned??
  5. I've read The Eyes of the Dragon and I three Dark Tower books.... so, not a ton of his fantasy, but I think almost all of his stories have fantasy elements. I'm also just a fan of King in general, so I'm sure I'll like it. I'm currently reading Insomnia and I'd definitely call it fantasy... he even has the fates in it from mythology.
  6. I just saw this earlier today and the premise sounds so good. I am always here for Stephen King writing fantasy... always!
  7. I feel like I rate books on the higher side. I have written a book and I know what it takes to just write a short (kind of crappy) book, and it's still a ton of work and worrying and decisions and time and it's just hard. So, I won't give a book below a 3 unless I really disliked something about it. And really then, I'll just DNF it and I never give ratings to book I didn't finish. So, that being said... I rate strictly on my gut feelings when I'm done. I would love to hate a system where I give points for different elements and then add those up and have a consistent, trackable rating, but I just don't. I don't re-read, so it's not like I'll give a book a 5 if I want to re-read it. I just really think about how it made me feel. Did I enjoy the journey, did I learn something from the characters about myself, did I enjoy where the characters went and how they grew, did I have fun? If the answer to any of that is yes, then it's probably going to get a 5. Does that mean that there are some 5 stars in my list that I probably would mark as a 4 once I have some time to think, sure... but I always like knowing that I went higher rather than lower for the rating.
  8. I don't know how many of you are planners, but I am. I think I started planning in a rebellious way because I grew up in a house that had no plan. My mother worked as a beautician out of our house, so she was able to pretty much set her hours, but that also meant that she didn't have a set time to start and end work. She just worked when she had clients (which was pretty much all the time). Anyway, so we had no real schedule. We didn't plan for big trips because we didn't take any. We didn't even plan for weekend vacations because we didn't take any. I think that because of that, I learned that if I don't plan things and put them down on paper or on an online calendar, then they don't get done and I don't get to go places and explore like I want. So, I'm a planner. That was a lot of words to get to the point, but that also kinds of sums up my whole life. Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of the future plans that I have for my person life (lots of movement happening around here this year), and some thoughts/ideas that I've had for my YouTube channel. I try to focus on one thing a month/quarter if I can. Sometimes things overlap, but not always. Here is a breakdown of my year. January - Move my body more ---Batch my content so I can focus more on my clients. February -Go to sleep! ---Solidify my batch week and establish this as a habit. March -Price turns 18! (Waco trip) ---Prep for April plans April -Don't start anything NEW! ---Do one video a day (a month in my reading life) May -Get house ready to be packed/get Price's stuff separated ---Rest from April and dream/also batch for June June -Move to Alabama/Move Price to Arkansas ---Stay Consistent with videos July -Unpack and settle in/establish new places for all appointments ---Get batch week back where I want it and set up office for filming location August -Prep for Disney/move Price into dorm ---Batch any extra videos that need to be done for Sept. September -Disney Trip ---Do nothing new October -Rest and Recharge ---Rest and Recharge November -Thanksgiving in Arkansas/Chyna's wedding ---Prep for 2023 December -BIG client month/Chyna moves to South Dakota ---Do NOT do Vlogmas! Okay, that's it. My word of the year is MOVE. I want to move my body, we are moving from TX to AL, my oldest son is graduating High School and moving to AR for college, and our daughter is graduating college, getting married, and moving to SD. So, lots of moving this year! Also, this makes me realize even more that at the end of this year, I'm only going to have one kiddo in my house. It is bittersweet because I love watching them grow and go out on their own and at the same time it is a profound sadness to say goodbye to a piece of your heart. And you can tell yourself that it won't be as bad as you think and they will still be able to call and everything else, but it just isn't the same. The little background noises that they make just existing in the same space as you aren't there anymore and as much as you try to fool yourself into thinking a phone call is almost as good as them being home... it's just not true. So, most of all this year, I'm going to enjoy the time I still have with my Price. He was my miracle baby and the one who made me a momma, and he'll take a huge part of me with him when he goes. Well... now that I've made myself cry, my work here is done. I was excited to do a blog post when I realized we could, but I had no idea what I would talk about. It was nice to get all my thoughts out like this because I hadn't thought through every month like that before. I liked it. Thanks for indulging me and providing this space to get all my thoughts out.
  9. Thanks for saying it's on Kindle Unlimited. I'll add it to my list and check it out!
  10. I usually don't care. I started out reading romances (paranormal specifically), and those are usually ongoing series with over 20 books in them, but I never really paid attention until I got to fantasy and realized there were a few really popular series that hadn't been finished (and probably won't be). I still read the Kingkiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind) before I knew that it was an unfinished series, and I loved them and I loved the characters, so I'm okay with what I have and where I am with any series that isn't finished. Plus, I'd never be able to figure out what to put on my TBR if I had to find out if it was a series and if it was finished, so maybe my decision is based on some laziness on my part as well!
  11. We have about half of the days covered in the month so far!
  12. I've got you down with the name of the story. I just added you to the spreadsheet. Thanks for joining in! If you want to pick another one, we still have plenty of days left!
  13. You picked two that I absolutely love!! Thanks for joining in!
  14. It totally sucks that you have COVID and really felt bad on your birthday... the good news is that I just learned that Alexander Hamilton shares a birthday with you, so that's awesome! (It also probably means that I'll remember your birthday forever now too!) My birthday is the 11th too... just June! I do hope you are feeling better even though I see that 8 hours ago you still didn't feel good. I'm so sorry.
  15. Yep... I'll be there. I can't wait!
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