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  1. Hi folks. At the end of October, The Sadeiest is being re-released (Self published), I broke away from Darkstroke books as I felt it wasn't being represented well (Darkstroke are going more away from Horror and towards thriller). Also, the second book in the series is going to be ready in February, and I wanted to do a series set of covers, and have Daniele Serra onboard for all of the series. It contains 25 pages of original Graphic novel artwork, and this second edition contains a bonus short story "The Coffin Maker". If any of you folks would like a review copy, let me know, I'll have digital mobi and epub versions to send from now until release day, and paperbacks a week or two after release (I have to order them myself and send them out to people) Here's the cover to give you a teaser, and here's a link to the original goodreads page, should anyone want to know what people have been saying, including Ross Jeffery, Catherine McCarthy, Brian Bowyer etc: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55337568-the-sadeiest The new edition will be linked up mid month, but that's the old cover up on the goodreads link. Thanks, and I hope you USA people are all ok after "Ian"! Austrian (Andy)
  2. Yes! Sorry, this took ages to see. But I know you saw the channel Will have the next video up on monday/tuesday at the latest.
  3. I've just finished Lily, and Cannibal creator, going onto Flesh Rehearsal from Brian Bowyer, The Hay Bale from Priscilla Betis and then Queen of teeth from Hailey Piper.
  4. Liked the reccomendation for Killing Joke. Garth Ennis was always going to make my list, The Boys was good though I preffered Preacher. Had to agree with Watchmen, the comic within the comic couldn't have been done in the film, but it's pretty much the bible as far as plot goes. Ah! Preacher did come up. Nameless I'll check out, stray bullets likewise, I'd heard of the last but Nameless is new to me. I think I'd have had Neil Gaiman's The Sandman in there, specifically the Kindly ones arc, probably also Dave Sim's Cerebus, though you have to seperate the authors personal beliefs and your own. Also Joe Hill's Locke and Key, though Alan Moore's V for Vendetta is probably more worthy. Damn it. Now I have to think about my own list
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