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  1. At first I was thinking the staff. I changed it to the knife. Think of it on terms of a striker fighting a grappler. Unless the grappler gets knocked out by the first punch or kick, he can usually shoot in for a takedown. Sure you take a hit or two, but once you get past that 6 foot range, you can go for the stab. I spent too much time thinking and analyzing this. Fun topic.
  2. My Frank Frazetta art book arrived today Here's the book and a few of my favorite paintings by him.
  3. Went out for my official unofficial Barnes & Noble Monday book run. Continuing my effort to read Tolkien's other books. I'm also trying to get more collections of my favorite artists. I found this cool HR Giger book.
  4. For Friday and Saturday, continue my reread of The Iliad. Last week I started another Howard reread with Kull: Exile of Atlantis. I want to go through all his work in a chronological historical timeline. Sunday another chapter of Lord of the Rings and continue with Egil’s Saga. Started playing my Xbox again, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For shows, I’ll watch the last couple episodes of Vikings Valhalla and start The Last Kingdom.
  5. Saw this on Pax Panic. Had to get it.
  6. I think this is the person who started it. She has links to the other You Tubers who are also doing it.
  7. In April, several Book Tubers are reading Egil's Saga for Sagalong 2022. I haven't read the Viking Saga's in over 15 years. This will be a great time to get back into it. My old copy of The Saga of the Icelanders is long gone. I picked up a copy on iBooks. And for some extra supplemental material, I also got a Norse Mythology book at Barnes & Noble. I'm not a fast reader and like to take my time with things. I started reading them yesterday. Anyone else reading along?
  8. Yes! Black Stone Heart continues the story of Khraen. I really liked this character and how he seemed angry at the Necromancer for using bad military tactics when commanding the army of the Dead. Not sure if we'll see it in these other books. But I like the idea of an Undead General leading an Undead Army, but using what he knows about warfare, and not just throwing zombies at the enemy.
  9. Got a few more books to read on my iPad. While reading Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman's Dragon Wing book, I remembered they did some D&D books. So I picked up the first book in the Dragon Lance series. Never read any of these. I used to see them in every book store. I also got Quag Keep. Which is the first official D&D novel. I also got Black Stone Heart by, Michael R. Fletcher. After reading Death at the Pass for part of the short story book this month, I wanted to continue with his other books connecting to that story.
  10. Since we love all things Dark and Grim here, thought I'd share Michael K. Vaughan's latest video on The Darkness of Robert E. Howard.
  11. Just went down the You Tube rabbit hole. The more I see about this, the more I don't want to even bother watching this show. This is the most cringeworthy one I've seen so far. WARNING: May cause you to lose all faith in book to movie adaptations.
  12. I think the trailer looks good with the effects and action shots. Just not going to get my hopes up. At this point I'm just hoping for an entertaining fantasy show. Don't even care how close it is to any of the books.
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