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  1. I do. You give so much time to this and it was disrespectful of me. I sincerely apologize.
  2. Oh holly shit Steve, I had it in my head it was at 17:00! So sorry
  3. You do me an honour, but no, it´s your thing really, I´m just honoured to be your guest. However, I´d like to invite you for a books & beers chat over at mine your busy agenda permitting.
  4. Love that book! I want to forget it so I can read it for the first time again
  5. You are not missing one these days Chris!
  6. This weekend I need to squeeze a 10 mile run and an interval training session. I am also going to try my new bread making machine since the gluten free bread from the supermarkets is awful and expensive, see how that goes. Need to take my oldest to tennis, then it´s lunch at some friends. Finally fitted the stabilisers on the little one´s bike, promised him I´d take him riding. Find time to record my next video for the channel. Found out that the Dungeons an Dragons game, Shadow over Mystara is in the retro arcade machine I bought for the kids over Christmas, so hopefully play some. And try to read some of Empire of Silence. Oh, and forum hangout on Sunday!
  7. Thank you Kian. It’s been a bit weird for me, but I’ll hopefully explain it all when and if I get this podcast going. So far it’s all good
  8. Dear all I have finally been diagnosed with celiac’s disease and wanted to share my story and future dealings with the condition. However, I don’t think I can realistically run two YouTube channels, or should I? So I thought maybe a podcast would be a lot less time consuming. Only issue is I haven’t got the first clue about disseminating a podcast through the different platforms. Any help would be most welcome.
  9. Divorce does take some of the joy for life out of you. It did to me for sure. Second time round and with two children now, I have become very pragmatic, perhaps annoyingly so, my wife would say. I don´t care for birthdays, New Year, Christas or any significant days. Any day is as good as the next. I like to start the new year with a long run on the first of January. I like to see the empty streets with everyone presumably hangover at home and me pounding the miles. I failed at all my best intentions I set out last year, so this year I have not made any resolutions. As Arch Lector Glokta would say: "life is the bitterness we experience between disappointments". At the moment it feels a bit like that. Shit, that took a turn for the Grimdark quickly. It´s not meant to be. It´s just that sometimes it feels like I/we are stuck in the rat race is all.
  10. That’s indifferent to me. Every weekend is much the same. Typically I’ll have races or long runs in the mornings, but afternoons and evenings should be relatively free.
  11. Timings would be an issue for me. I have played DnD since the 80s. But now got no time to run games. I would love to play though, but I feel with the time zones it might be impossible for me.
  12. Hell yeah, time zones permitting
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