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  1. After the tragedy that was the tv show, why even attempt to make a movie of a very secondary DC character?
  2. Hi all, This is following from the Farseer Trilogy that we did a couple of months back. Everybody welcome. We´ll be discussing the good and great and not so good in the second trilogy of the Realm of the Elderlings series with the Keeper of the Realm herself: Derri!
  3. hahahaha, healthy discourse is the way forward. In matters of personal taste nobody is right or wrong and every opinion is worth listening to so long as there is engagement. Thanks again for having me on Steve. I hope I can make it again at some point.
  4. My issue is that the boys will wake me up super early on Saturday and I cannot pay the interest. However, I reckon I could do the last Friday of July as I will be by myself then and I can be a zombie on Saturday without having to mind the wife and kids.
  5. I´d love to take part, depending on the time though...
  6. Since you are into fantasy you could check out some power metal, lots of fantasy themes and references: Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands For some top notch heavy stuff: Rage - Soundchaser all songs related to the Cthulhu mythos Primal Fear - any record would do Softer more melodic feel: Nordic Union - Nordic Union Sunstorm - The first four records are gems Let me know how you get on
  7. Avantasia are a favorite of mine recently. Recommend the Ghostlights and Moonglow records. how familiar are you with the genre?
  8. Classic Rock and Metal. Same as always. Always have, always been, always will.
  9. Thank you Jolien and Derri, it was a pleasure talking to both of you about these books. Looking forward to the next one.
  10. I have read the first three, will be picking up the 4th one next month and might make my way through the series, but not consistently on a one a month basis or similar. Was this meant to be like a full series review?
  11. And here´s the link to the broadcast: https://streamyard.com/6mkxdwvp2e Looking forward to this!
  12. Discussion of the Farseer Trilogy, first in the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb. Link to discussion live event to follow.
  13. Amazing Worlds

    Red Country Discussion

    No probs
  14. May 22nd it is then. Who's in then, other than @Jolien Readsand myself?
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