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  1. Honestly, leave Twitter. The burden of proof lies on the accuser not the accused. Also, if you do something wrong, don’t get caught. If you do, admit it, don’t double down. Basic stuff.
  2. I had a brilliant time, in spite of having a most unbalanced party, we pulled through more or less ok. I would very much love to continue with this scenario and see what we make of it. The rat catching bit of the evening not withstanding...
  3. Sounds good to me, preferably towards the back end of the month
  4. Now now, don’t fish for compliments, that’s unbecoming of you. You know we all love you big fella!
  5. You are becoming too big and they want to bring you down! Stay strong and fight the fight!
  6. This Friday at 20:00 GMT I will be talking with Susana about all things books and reading over at my channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JosesAmazingWorlds Feel free to pop in and say hi or join in the conversation! 👊🍻
  7. Writing is a slow process of months or years. Social media is for people with the attention span of a goldfish. I got bored of authors talking about anything other than their books, so I quit Facebook and Twitter. Toying with the idea of deleting instagram but I like the videos of drunk people hurting themselves. I’d say authors are better off talking to booktubers directly or posting their own stuff than trying to create a presence that has little to do with their writing. But that’s just my perspective.
  8. Where is the thumbs down button when you need it??????
  9. @Susana Imagináriowhere do you stand in the face of the mighty H. P. Lovecraft?
  10. Books are not scary, short stories are. I didn’t get the hype behind House of Leaves. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King is one for me.
  11. Thank you @Layla Azmi Gousheyfor organizing this. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I would have happily stayed longer children permitting. Thank you to everyone else that attended, much obliged.
  12. I actually can’t stand The Wheel of Time, I guess I was having my own private joke. None of the series mentioned by anyone come close to ASOIAF, maybe Malazan, but I haven’t read anything of it. Also surprised Realm of the Elderlings does not get a mention.
  13. @Holly Tinsleywe use foundry and it’s free, it requires a download. I used roll20 in my previous Cthulhu game and prefer it as it’s web based, but whatever floats your boat, they are pretty much similar. I have dmed a lot over the years, but I’m not totally familiar with 5ed. Now 2nd Ed…
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