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  1. It’s a train wreck! And yes very depressing. I’ve been avoiding most of it too but it’s kinda hard to look away at times.
  2. Finished! I really liked this. Overall just a fun ride. I loved the Bastards, a found family-kinda rough and tumble but they’ll do anything for each other. Really loved the world that was created with the different areas and the different inhabitants. The imagery of the Sludge Man may be my favorite. Just really cool. I liked the political intrigue and discovering things aren’t quite what they seem. Gotta love a story of someone trying to overthrow royalty. Great action. Yeah—I had a great time with this one. Definitely looking forward to the next book.
  3. I’m reading it’s just going slow this week! I’m back in the office full time so it’s really cutting into my reading time. Hoping to finish it up by the weekend as I’ve got the next couple days off.
  4. I’m fine with just meeting at the end of the series with Jonathan and chatting as we read here. I did make a start on the book and already enjoying it just a few chapters in. I think it’s going to be a fun one.
  5. we did go and it was a lot of fun. Those ladies are tough!
  6. Well some of our plans have been canceled due to one last blast cold wintry weather here in central NC. We were supposed to go to a farm tomorrow but that has been canceled. We’re supposed to go to womens lacrosse game on Sunday at the college we live near but not sure if that will still happen or not. So who knows what we will get into this weekend!
  7. Trying to get my March TBR sorted and wanted to check if y’all were still good for March for this or needing to push it back?
  8. BBC does some good ones, I listened to one they did for And Then There Were None and it was good.
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