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  1. I’m thinking a bit more about this I think I’m just not a Munsters fan in general. I always the show was super silly and I just didn’t like it. Addams Family all the way for me.
  2. I have been hesitant about this since I first heard he was doing it. I think it’s capturing the camp of the original show but I have zero interest in watching this.
  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I really like Chris Pine so I’ll definitely give it a watch.
  4. Exactly! It’s just not high up on the list right now. …and this is why I never finish series.
  5. Yeah not theater worthy but I’ll definitely watch it at some point.
  6. I just finished Seraphinas Lament and it was so good!!! I loved it. Super intriguing characters and interesting world/magic.
  7. I’m also listening to this one on audio and it’s really good so far. A horror book involving a creepy fairy!
  8. @Steve I saw in your video where you I hadn’t gotten to the third book yet and I haven’t either! I just haven’t been pulled to start it. But I’ll get back to it at some point.
  9. Oh shoot…hope you be able to watch WW at some point. It’s such a great show.
  10. Finished Stranger Things season 4 (loved it!). Started the new season of Westworld and already super intrigued by the first episode. Staying up to date with Ms Marvel and also enjoying it.
  11. I like the thought of gnomes and fairies and sprites and elves existing but don’t really believe they do. But I’m open minded! like Fox Mulder says, the truth is out there.
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