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  1. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/impossible-statue-ai-generated-stockholm-museum-2308845 you may find this interesting @Steve
  2. I still think about this one from time to time. I want to reread it for sure.
  3. @Steve I’m sorry, I suck-most likely won’t be there for Green Knight chat. Mixed up the days of my son’s end of softball season picnic on Sunday. I was thinking it was the following week. Sorry!!!
  4. The book scared me way more than the movie!
  5. The Shining by Stephen King scares me so much! Also Patience of a Dead Man by Michael Clark has some super spooky scenes. I don’t get as scared reading books as I do watching movies but these two have some scenes that made me look around my house wondering what might be hanging in the dark spaces.
  6. Yep that’s good if it works for you!
  7. I would say 6:30 pm or later for me. Give me time to get home from work and all that good stuff.
  8. I know you have a lot going on today! I can do Tuesday evening if that works better for you. I’m flexible! So you just let me know. No worries at all.
  9. @Steve are we still on for tomorrow the 14th for Lamb?
  10. I finished part one and I’m totally hooked!
  11. Last October I had an unintentional break and did upload much. Wasn’t reading much at all. It was what I needed at the time. I need to be able to not have to focus on making videos and things like that so I could get out of the funk I was in. I think breaks are good and necessary from time to time. If you’re feeling like you’re needing a break then definitely take the time for yourself.
  12. Oof I’m just seeing this! Guess I missed starting it in April. 😂 But I can try to start it soon-ish.
  13. Nope. Once they’re on YouTube I delete them. 😃
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