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  1. I like the thought of gnomes and fairies and sprites and elves existing but don’t really believe they do. But I’m open minded! like Fox Mulder says, the truth is out there.
  2. It was not good. least favorite Andrews book I’ve read so far.
  3. Currently reading this crazy ass book.
  4. I’m also very interested! (But would prefer a show about Arya because she’s my fave. )
  5. I love a map! I will look at it while reading also if I need a bit of clarification on a location.
  6. $4.69 here in NC
  7. I don’t know Steve, I’m kinda jazzed about this one. It looks pretty good. I’m definitely going to watch it. I’ll report back.
  8. When I need to just chill for a bit I love listening to Earth. Great background music for reading too.
  9. Yeah—it’s pretty good so far! Definitely violent. I’m listening to the audiobook which is really great.
  10. This has been the song I start my morning commute to lately.
  11. I’ve got a few things on the go: Close Range (short story collection) by Annie Proulx Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz The Ghost the Ate Us by Daniel Kraus Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
  12. I’ve never gotten anything but I’d be really weary to. So many things are scams these days. Ugh.
  13. @Steve you’re too kind! Thank you.
  14. I commented on your video also, I’d love to read Sophie’s Lament and Drowned Kingdom.
  15. I’m looking forward to this! Just hoping it’s decent.
  16. I can see how that would be interesting, but also I do like the idea of him trying to continue on with the training of new Jedi.
  17. Sorry I haven’t been chatting! I did finish the first two books and overall liked them. I really liked True Bastards and the things we learned in the story. I agree there’s not necessarily much to dig into for a discussion. It’s more of a fun story, even though there are some heavier themes and the violence is there….hopefully I’m making sense. Hoping to dig into the third book soon. The recent events have me a bit all over the place so not feeling like reading right now. Maybe over the weekend?
  18. It’s a train wreck! And yes very depressing. I’ve been avoiding most of it too but it’s kinda hard to look away at times.
  19. Finished! I really liked this. Overall just a fun ride. I loved the Bastards, a found family-kinda rough and tumble but they’ll do anything for each other. Really loved the world that was created with the different areas and the different inhabitants. The imagery of the Sludge Man may be my favorite. Just really cool. I liked the political intrigue and discovering things aren’t quite what they seem. Gotta love a story of someone trying to overthrow royalty. Great action. Yeah—I had a great time with this one. Definitely looking forward to the next book.
  20. I’m reading it’s just going slow this week! I’m back in the office full time so it’s really cutting into my reading time. Hoping to finish it up by the weekend as I’ve got the next couple days off.
  21. I’m fine with just meeting at the end of the series with Jonathan and chatting as we read here. I did make a start on the book and already enjoying it just a few chapters in. I think it’s going to be a fun one.
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