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  1. Kinda got an idea for this one, looking forward to trying it. Hopefully I can pull it off as it will be very much removed from what I usually write.
  2. Done... and at just a bit over 1000 words, yes, you should be wondering why it took so damned long, haha
  3. Version 1.0.0


    May Prompt My apologies, I'm quite late, but here it is in case anyone would like to give it a read. Cheers all!
  4. Waiting with my truck at the shop, i came to a conclusion I'm happy with. When I get home and can get on my laptop I'll type it up and submit it. From there it is the judges call. Looking forward to reading everyone else's!
  5. This gives me an idea... I will only heal party members that have read and reviewed my books! Mwahahaha... (obviously a joke) But, seriously, I feel like there was some pretty childish behavior from most parties in this debacle.
  6. Didn't make it, but thanks all for the encouragement. I will still finish the story, I got off tomorrow so I'll make the time, but I think it's late enough that I'm cool with it not counting. I'll still upload it though.
  7. Good luck Varsha, if time allows I'm sure you'll have out something great. If it doesn't, I'll still look forward to reading it when it's done. I totally get time frames just not working sometimes. Thanks for the support Karl! We'll see. I was working on what I started at the beginning of the month, hated it, and deleted it. Started fresh. But now I just got home from work, gotta cook dinner and what not, then try to get this done. 4 hours till midnight, and I gotta get up at 5, haha... as I said, we'll see.
  8. I would love (if done well) to see them all adapted, I always thought that Abercrombie's books would lend themselves well to movie/tv adaptations, as they already have a very cinematic style to them. On one hand, starting from the beginning makes sense. But I could see starting with one of the standalones being a good idea. They can see how this turns out before committing to a trilogy.
  9. That's a game I have to try again. I started it a while ago, and loved it, but wasn't really looking for something to get too absorbed into at the time. So I set it aside until I knew I could give it the attention it called for. By that point I couldn't remember anything that was going on and realized I'd need to completely start over. One of these days I will. I recently finished Octopath Traveler and will be starting the second one soon. In the meantime, I've gotten hooked on Battle Brothers. Also, still have Breath of the Wild untouched, waiting for me to accept the time sink
  10. My job may be doing a camping trip this year, I'm gonna try to get folks throwing axes on it, haha
  11. Axe throwing with work? What the hell kinda job do you have? Haha. That's great
  12. And here I said I was gonna get mine done early this month! haha
  13. As always thanks again to y'all!
  14. From a non content creator perspective... yes, take a fucking vacation. I don't know how you find the time, man. Haha
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