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  1. Version 1.0.0


    January prompt Got carried away with this one. Managed 3k words exact, but had fun doing it. Hope y'all enjoy it.
  2. Just finished editing mine. Gonna give it another quick read later and should have it uploaded tonight. Looking forward to reading everyone else's too!
  3. Ha, didn't realize there were two ways of doing it. This is the route I was assuming to go with, but I just realized we can add attachments to posts in the thread. I should be uploading mine tonight. Just want to give it a once over and make a few tweaks here and there. And I apologize in advance, I'm really pushing the word count here, started having fun with it and just kinda went with it. As I write this (before making changes and being entirely happy with the ending) I think I'm sitting around 2,997 words. I'll be sure to do some shorter ones in the coming months, haha
  4. I spent some time looking around last night to preemptively figure out how to upload mine. I was also about ready to make a post asking how, haha
  5. As long as you have fun writing it, that's the important part!
  6. Hopefully finishing mine up after work tonight or tomorrow. A bit of having a busy month mixed with more procrastinating than I'd like to admit, haha
  7. While I've not used it much there's allauthor.com My little experience using the free ad mockups has been good, they also have various options at a cost that I have not tried. When I used it I just used the free 3d mockup of my first two book covers and put my own background in it, worked fine.
  8. Don't wanna rsvp and snag a spot, but I may be down to stop by, if there's a vacancy when it happens. That's my birthday weekend though so it'll probably be up in the air until the last minute
  9. Alright. This has changed as of this weekend. Watched Violent Night, and I gotta say that's my new favorite Christmas movie. This conversation came up this weekend, and I support it being a Christmas movie. But I also feel that on those grounds, Fargo is also a Christmas movie
  10. I'm just about to move again, so my schedule may be a bit hectic for the next week or so. But I haven't played D&D in almost a year and would love to change that, haha
  11. Depending on the timing I'd be interested!
  12. What sort of extras does the deluxe have? I think I just have the regular, I don't remember Eben seeing a deluxe option for ps4
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