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  1. Hey all! As discussed on a previous thread, this chat is now going to encompass both The Veiled Throne and Speaking Bones. Ken will be joining us for the discussion as he did for the first two books (very exciting)! Steve has graciously handed the position of host for this chat over to me, so it will take place on my channel this time. It will be an unlisted live - meaning that only those who are part of the readalong and use the links posted here will be able to access the chat. It will then be posted publicly to Youtube at a later date. If you have any questions, let me know! For those of you joining via video/voice in the streamyard studio, here is the streamyard link: https://streamyard.com/24kzumf79b For those of you not comfortable joining via video/voice, here is the yoututbe link to join the written chat:
  2. Youtube link:
  3. PAGE CHEWING episode with Gareth Powell - celebrated UK Sci-Fi author
  4. PAGE CHEWING episode with celebrated author Fonda Lee - author of The Greenbone Saga and upcoming novella Untethered Sky
  5. PAGE CHEWING episode with literary agent John Jarrold
  6. PAGE CHEWING episode with Rob J Hayes- author of The War Eternal, Mortal Techniques, Titan Hoppers & more!
  7. Thanks again for the boost P.L.!! Can't wait to dive into your book and talk about it with that amazing group
  8. Thank you for the shout out P.L! I've heard a lot of people talking about A Drowned Kingdom recently It's wonderful to see more people loving it!
  9. So excited for what 2023 is going to bring!! ✨
  10. That's 1AM for me so that's a bit late...is everyone okay with an hour earlier? I think 12AM would be doable for me
  11. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm down for this too!
  12. I agree! Super excited to read this. My restaurant is usually open late on Sundays, but I should be able to make it on time. If something happens and I'm delayed, I'll be sure to update!
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