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  1. Which will be first out of Beyond Redemption and Negative Space? I also got The Fifth Season and The Court of Broken Knives, but I don't have enough room in my mind for multiple new series simultaneously so if I start Beyond redemption I will read that trilogy first.
  2. played terraforming mars. Someone new was playing so it adds some time to the game lol. but its soooo good
  3. my copy will be coming Monday with negative space.. Seeing how much you all enjoyed it makes me want to jump in
  4. Well when you have a chance to get Fletcher, Snyder, and Erikson in the same short amount of time you cant say no. You just have to just add that to all your other plans lol I did the TDTCB podcast yesterday, and then went and had a 5 hour long board game, beers, and elk meat sliders with some friends. Today I need to drive to meet my dad for a night of begrudgingly losing money for his birthday at a casino. Then rest and recover Sunday to do it all over again... Hope the weather permits your Sunday adventure
  5. I debated if this was worth buying or when when I did.. but I've enjoyed that madness of the artwork enough now that I got my moneys worth. For quite a while I wasn't reading fiction, but I bought lots of coffee table books that I would like to flip through.
  6. I think you could pivot to a more general channel without upsetting too many people. With booktubers I've noticed that the book review often times aren't the most watched videos. So maybe people will just want to hear you. Slowly Red took a break and uploaded some video game videos, and I appreciated the update even if it wasnt about books. I've thought about starting a channel a few time over the years but I don't think I could focus in on one subject, and I dont want to be forced to read because I will end up feeling the exact same way you feel. That and im cripplingly introverted, and boring lol.. I think board games is a good pairing with books though and I would enjoy your thoughts on board games. I just bought king of tokyo, going to use that as a vehicle to get my nephews and my parents to get into the more complex games, and hopefully eventually they will play terraforming mars with me.. It would be cool to watch some booktubers play some fun board games together on tabletop simulator.
  7. Ehh its already on the internets. So I don't see much difference between podcast platforms and YouTube since they will be audio only until the wrap up stream. Its really your channel and your choice, thanks for asking though. You have my approval to do whatever you feel like.
  8. The general advice is usually choose a new genre that will get you away from what you are used to, to read a book you like a lot that sounds fun to reread, or to get through some short stories and stack one story onto the next. For me, I could just not read, for months, years sometimes even. As a booktuber I can see how that could be a problem.. so what I might try to do is talk to or watch other people talk about books until their excitement entices me enough.. Then if that book isn't working, get compelled by someone else.
  9. I bought it today. I may try to read it next week when we have the break from the PoN podcast. So if I get it done and I'm feeling capable of discussing it when the time comes, then I will join.
  10. I would attempt it. After we spend 5 hours talking about this first book, I don't know how much there will be to talk about lol.. The best and worst parts, overall takeaways, the things we anticipate for the next book, the state of Earwa after the first book..? I guess we could find things to talk about. We all have mostly used video for the podcast anyways, so it wouldn't be that different. Introverted me wants to say NOOOO, all my friends will see me and they will make memes, and the strangers lol.. but extroverted me enjoys talking to Steve and Katerina on the podcast, and I think it would be fun to have a wrap up talk and see what people who listened and read along thought. In short, if my podcast friends want to, I will lol
  11. I've only tried it a little.. A few RSB related things. Some trippy sci fi stuff. Its pretty easy to do actually. I think you get to make 25 prompts for free, and then you can sign up if you like it...
  12. I made this in an AI art creator called Midjourney. I tried to make Akka and Cnaiur as well, but they didnt come out quite as good as this.
  13. In part one I was catching up on the last little bit, I was only able to skim through 30or 40 pages before last Friday. I remembered most of it pretty well, but on the reread I found Inrau's little section to be pretty intense. Wish I would have talked more about that in part 1.. and I came across a really good quote that reminded me of why I like the tv show The Boys. One day I will read the comics. I will put it behind a spoiler though I don't really think it is. Also I've finished part 2 and I'm going to try to hold off from part 3 until tomorrow. This being a reread its already hard for me to hold the spoilers. I think if more of it becomes to fresh in my mind it will just be invariably harder. And spoiling things is what I'm trying to avoid most. I will just try to go back and get some notes down today so I'm more prepared than last time. Also I hope to talk less, I fast forwarded four times randomly through the podcast and I was talking all 4 times, and it made me cringe a little lol.. Also I will use my camera this time so hopefully it will help with the cadence of part 2.
  14. I had to finish the last bit of part 1, but I'm halfway through part 2 now. I've found reading it has been much better then listening to it on audio like I did for part 1... I will be ready for part2 and it sounds like you will have the whole book finished by then lol
  15. I watched this the other day for the first time and it was very impactful somehow lol
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