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  1. We have the Curse stream an 9pm BST so might be tough to fit in as Steve and crew are doing Berserk before that?
  2. chrisM

    Tiamat's Wrath Discussion

    I can do two days in a row. I’m off the week before for Easter anyway 😀🎉
  3. https://streamyard.com/2s2ff86mi6
  4. Oh wow. So excited to really get into the weeds about all of this 🎉
  5. chrisM

    Tiamat's Wrath Discussion

    Pick a date. I’ll be free 😀
  6. I'll see how it goes for me on Sunday. Mother's Day here so my life is not my own that day!
  7. chrisM

    Tiamat's Wrath Discussion

    I did NOT know about this! https://telltale.com/the-expanse/
  8. Started my read last night. I'm in love already. The prose is otherworldly ❤️
  9. chrisM

    Tiamat's Wrath Discussion

    Definitely not doing it without you! We can reschedule. I have no such social commitments so am free whenever 😀
  10. I love going to the theatre. Few experiences surpass really great live performances in this way. We are so lucky to have multiple theatres here. I went to see a new telling of Romeo and Juliet a few weeks ago. Not sure how 'modern' it really was but the performances were incredible across the board.
  11. Looks good for me. Is @Robyn bookends gonna join this way? 🙂
  12. Witch was my 4k Blu ray release of last year so definitely interested for that. I have Killing of a Sacred Deer to watch as well so that could be a fun one as well Locke's a really interesting film. I did an audio review of it many years ago, so I'll look forward to the chat, without having the pressure of having to rewatch! Lol
  13. https://streamyard.com/3qmysxw2em
  14. Don’t know how I missed this list. Down for loads of those. Some I’ve seen, some not. Especially love Ghost Story but if there’s one in particular you want to go through, gimme a shout. Saint Maud is an interesting one as well. Didn’t totally hit the first tie, but I have a copy here already to rewatch. Id imagine we could get a crowd for some of the more popular ones like VVitch, Hereditary etc.
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