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  1. Exactly the same, it has opened my eyes to what is possible and that there are still stories out there that can surprise/shock/amaze me. This book sits currently in my top 5 of all time, I just can't stop thinking about it! That magic system...
  2. I still need to learn this , the books are either on hold or I push through, maybe I should remove the book from the collection to force a DNF. If on hold counts then it's Toll the Hounds...
  3. I'm in the same boat as Jolien atm, Toll the Hounds has been a hard read (way too many POVs and characters that don't add to the story, just other footnotes in history). For me it's normal to be in a sort of rotation in my hobbies, I rotate between books/games(incl boardgames)/movies(incl series) and I even have rotations within those types for subgenres like JRPG/FPS/anime/crime/horror/... . The first time I got in a slump years ago I got so frustrated about why is this happening, I have too many Books/games/movies to just quit... I got lucky with trying something else in the rotation and was hooked again in one of my hobbies, after that I was able to accept it and move on knowing I can go back to the book I was halfway through at any point in my life. Having explained the rotation, it is indeed harder for a booktuber to just not being able to read for a certain time if you made commitments and have certain expectations. Forcing it has been very bad for me and has changed my thoughts on some things I've seen/read/played to something negative automatically. All the advice above are tricks that have worked for me when I have no other choice of hobby (on vacation with only books), like watching youtube or just trying something completely different. I have read so many genres, which have given me new perspectives on everything, that's why I love having my own library to just walk in and take something at random to have a new experience. Friends of mine only read when they get into the holiday mood and take a lot of books with them on vacation or just walks (mostly on kindle), others have their vacation home filled with a library (in Sweden/I'm jealous). And let's be honest, with a booktube channel you can talk about anything like the friday conversations, even Slowly Red was out for months playing a videogame and uploaded some footage to talk about it. You can talk about the games/boardgames/movies/series that were based on books, there have been a lot of amazing ones; The Witcher (videogames/series), Dune (boardgames/videogames/movies), Game of Thrones (boardgames/videogames/series), Dungeons and Dragons novels ... Lastly, the biggest thing for everyone: learn to let go, if it's not the right time to read something or your having a slump in whatever hobby, know it will come back because you love that stuff. No stress needed! PS: if anyone needs recommendations on/wants to talk about crossovers in books/games/movies, I'm here to share/debate .
  4. I can 100% recommend sz1-5 of Supernatural (great story arc). Yes it has teen angst episodes and it has episodes that are predictable, but it's everything I wanted...funny/amazing book and movie references/good enough horror scenes. They even laugh with themselves about what kind of show they have.
  5. I can't help myself with these games and eventually buy every version if I can , so yes I started on pc (steam).
  6. Keeping this post alive... Anyway, I saw this review (without too many spoilers) and it summed up what playing a souls game is like. For those still unable to make up their minds about these games . Btw I started playing the pc version and have not encountered any major issues yet, will update if I get to at least 20 hour mark (maybe ).
  7. Jozua B

    Comic Book Podcast

    I love the idea, but I only own The Watchmen and V for Vendetta , and I'd love to own all the others in this list... Most of us know this feeling... So for the first 2 comic books I should be able to join, depending on when you are planning to do it . (Others in my collection; a lot of batman like Year one, The Black Mirror, The Killing Joke, Hush and the Frank Miller Dark Knight books, Spawn the Dark ages, The Flash Flashpoint, First 3 of Hellboy, Hack/Slash,...)
  8. Jozua B

    The Munsters Trailer

    Rob Zombie has only two movies I'm able to watch, House of 1000 corpses and the sequel The Devil's Rejects (haven't seen nr 3). This guy is becoming the Uwe Boll (director that destroys video game movies) of the Horror genre.
  9. I'm not able to do a vote on this because I feel this is completely your personal choice/preference. If you feel like it's too much every week or you really think it's better to do on different weeks than The Fantasy Nuttwork, then go for every other week... Or test the waters and do it so you can feel if it's right for you, do you start to miss the Friday Conversations or has your life improved with more reading/other hobbies time . It is nice/appreciated that you think of us, viewers/participants, and ask this question before doing anything . Another reason I'm having a hard time answering the vote question is that I'm (like many others) not sure when I am able to follow it live or watch it afterwards, so it's like yes change something and then not even watching it (for whatever reason). I love the Friday Conversations and watch when I can, in the end you are the one with the decision, trust your gut feeling . Sidenote: I got the feeling you guys (all booktubers in this community) are pressed for time these last weeks because of reading slumps/Indiebookchallenge/too many books on TBR/Malazan combined with Prince of Nothing...but it might just be that my observation skills via text/video are wrong .
  10. Watching The Orville again with my wife, I liked it and now she does, it's more Star Trek than Star Trek . Started Supernatural for the first time, 10 episodes in and it's so retro... I'm loving it!
  11. For me it's missing the talks live but enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather/scenery here in Normandy France . Pictures; the house we are staying in (friends own it) and some scenery from the nearby city Bayeux.
  12. Good that things have come down, bad that you don't have the money atm??
  13. Even it is as bad as the first 3 (old) D&D movies, this is a must watch for me! Who else has seen the old movies or is looking forward to this/dreading this?
  14. As I said before, I need more Fantasy on my tv, so if I can I will see this !
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