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  1. i appear to have missed this thread previously but thankyou - i will def be adding some of these to the tbr!
  2. Yay glad to hear you are taking the plunge - I look forward to seeing the first vid
  3. Thankyou, and excellent idea @Varsha definitely in. Will put The forever War on my June TBR
  4. @Layla Azmi Goushey @Steve @chrisM I can be free most evenings although I am least free on Wednesdays - if we move it to a weekday I would request if possible a slightly earlier time
  5. ive finished it and have so many thoughts - ver much looking forward to discussing. I'm becoming much more available - so this weekend, or next weekend is good.
  6. @Layla Azmi Goushey @chrisM @Steve I can do the 16th
  7. im in
  8. 09th we are talking mistwraith but could do the 08th (although that would be two days in a row!)
  9. this is cool! also when is everyone free - are you happy to push it further into Apr?
  10. @chrisM @Layla Azmi Goushey @Steve so many apologies I have realised that I am camping this weekend and so don't have internet access! Would it be possible to reschedule? Or if its not poss you guys can go ahead and discuss without me!
  11. Erm I would love to but I do not think i'm available for all the dates am i allowed to dip in and out as long as im up to date with the reading!
  12. I might be able to pop in and say hi as well
  13. quick check of the time before tomorrow (will be there at 11!)
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