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  1. I'd prefer to know in advance that you'll be making the video public as well. But I'm not opposed to it in principle. Feel free to upload the episodes to your channel (audio or otherwise).
  2. @drpuffnstuff pretty much summarized my thoughts on the subject I’d be open to it.
  3. It's not exactly how I imagined the Synthese but I like the vibe it gives off!
  4. Oh that's very nice! I'm looking forward to next week.
  5. Yes, I'll be free on the 22th, too. Should be able to finish Part I by then as well.
  6. I prefer Fridays for obvious reasons. And I'm also free on the 29th.
  7. I think that Part I is ca 120 pages. Maybe we could start with that and see how long it takes us to get through?
  8. One day per week sounds reasonable. Fridays would be more comfortable for me, but if Wednesdays work better for everyone, let's do Wednesdays! I'm fine with starting in two weeks... How large of a chunk of the book do you think we should start with?
  9. I would love the opportunity to talk Darkness with other people! I’m currently on The White-Luck Warrior (book 5) and Prince of Nothing has become one of my favourite series. Unfortunately, I’m in GMT+2 (CEST), which makes things a little bit complicated, but I don’t mind staying up late. Even if Fridays/Saturdays would be preferable for me for that reason, I can manage weekdays as well.
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