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  1. I want to thank everyone who tuned into the live cover reveal on @Anconab's feed last night, showing the cover for LORD AND KING, Book 3 The Drowned Kingdom Saga, to the world! In case you missed it, I've attached the cover below in all its glory! So proud to have luminaries such as @JannyWurts @Holly Tinsley Tim Hardie, and Eve Koguce grace the cover with endorsement quotes / blurbs! LORD AND KING IS COMING, Spring 2023!!
  2. Thank you so much @JannyWurts @Steve & @Varsha! It was an exciting moment for me!! @Anconabis amazing, and so honoured to have him reveal my cover! He has been one of the biggest supporters of my work, and I owe him so much! Yes A LION'S PRIDE will be the title of Book 4 The Drowned Kingdom Saga! Working on it, to make it even better than LORD AND KING!
  4. “So much emotion wrapped up in weakness, leading you to attempt the impossible, lying to yourself, time and time again. Hope, I think you call it.” ― John Gwynne, Wrath
  5. “War is food and drink and disease and patience and anger and hate and cold and stealth and terror as well as sweet silver and bitter iron and the glitter of arms in the sun or under the moon.” ― Miles Cameron, The Dread Wyrm
  6. "Though the pain cut like glass, the Princess of Sessalie firmed her will and crushed down her passion with silence." from TO RIDE HELL'S CHASM by @JannyWurts
  7. lmao! So true! @Andrews Wizardly Readsis a machine!
  8. If you can read faster than Andrew Wizardly Reads, you must be AI. This man is the definition of a VORACIOUS reader! He's also a very popular booktuber and a fabulous fella. He loved A DROWNED KINGDOM, and now he's onto THE LAST OF THE ATALANTEANS as part of his February 2023 TBR! He's got some awesome books on there...and yes that DEBUNKED COVER...wow!!! Getting some serious FOMO about that one! Check out Andrew's content, it's amazing, and check out this video!
  9. We all know and love Petrik Leo, one of the best SFF booktubers out there. One day he commented on Twitter that he thought the cover of TLOTA was cool, so I offered to send him both books. We DM'd and now that he's got both, he was kind enough to show them off in this recent book haul video. Some amazing books that Petrik has hauled, including one of my favourite Indie authors, Daniel T. Jackson, and Aiduel's Sin - JUST RELEASED! A great one to pick up if you like great character driven fantasy. Illborn, Daniel's first book was my Indie Book of the year in 2022. Anyway, check out the video!
  10. The wonderful and talented @MaedBetweenthePages features some books in this fabulous video that can potentially widen one's worldview. @Zamil Akhtar's Gunmetal Gods (which I absolutely loved) was among them, and (to my honour) so was A DROWNED KINGDOM. Taylor's extremely insightful and cerebral exploration of this topic is fascinating to watch. Check it out!
  11. Apologies didn't realize Tori herself was on the forum..tagging her @ToriTalks!
  12. @Mr_Selfy Here is all the authors with Twitter...Ryan Howse no longer has Twitter...
  13. @Mr_Selfythanks so much for your support! It means the world! And great feedback! Check this tweet out please for a list of the authors!
  14. This anthology is going to be INCREDIBLE!!! Kudos to you @Holly Tinsley& all 12 authors involved! A HUGE accomplishment! And congrats on almost finishing the novel! We can't wait to see what the Princess of Grimdark has in store for us next!
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