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  1. Not at all. It was too cheesy and just didn't really make sense. Romance isn't my favorite genre but sometimes its fun to read , kinda like watching reality tv, but this was just kind of dumb lol.
  2. This video is super interesting! Yeah tags on Youtube is still something I don't quite get yet. I'm so used to instgram hashtags and I have to remind myself it's so different. I've made a couple reels on instagram that don't get many views but then I'll upload them to Youtube shorts and get at least 100 or more views which is crazy. I don't notice an influx of followers from them though just my view count going up so idk if they are really worth it on that aspect. I also find it difficult to find ideas for shorts because it's such a limited amount of time.
  3. Couldn't agree more with this! Whenever I'm in a slump I'll go back to my favorite books and re read sections or I'll watch videos about books I'm interested in and they always get me excited.
  4. Reminders of Him by Coleen Hoover. I have only read 1 of her books and it was okay so I thought I would try that one out and my god it was awful!
  5. Awesome that sounds great!
  6. @Steve yes, since it is a Saturday anytime really would work for me! What time zone will it be? I'm in the Central time zone.
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