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  1. It's crazy how irrationally panicked everyone on Twitter is. I keep trying to tell people that it's going to be fine but everyone is determined to freak out lol. I'm just going to shut up and let them panic and be surprised when Twitter doesn't actually disappear.
  2. If room opens up here I might be able to attend
  3. Fuck Stadia. I'm also glad they failed because even if you had amazing internet the business model was so stupid... pay full price for the game + you had to pay a subscription to stream them.... whaaaat!?!? How ridiculous.
  4. I absolutely hate Discord. Conversations are always happening that don't include you, the spam is unbelievable... personal conversations are just so much better one-on-one, in my opinion. I'm in a few Discord servers - the Indie Accords and Dom's Book Club. Otherwise I haven't been able to get into them. I tried Mike's Book Reviews Discord channel but I couldn't get into it. I also tried Slowly Red's and had a difficult time getting anywhere with that, even though it's a grimdark server so you'd think I'd be home, but I just think there's too many people talking about so many books that I haven't read lol
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