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  1. Code Red by R. Saint Claire is free for now at Amazon I won a Code Red paperback from Regina's Haunted Library just before Halloween. Regina included a few other goodies as well. Dave and Olive at Book Blather gave her a very understandable shootout in their original Kindness Tag. The author did not ask for anything in return. This hack write-up was the least I could do: Code Red is a fun ride on the back of a 3-wheeler with some nice zigs and zags along the way, or maybe a vampire. These detours are well earned and signposted. R Saint Claire economically creates relatable flesh and blood (sorry, not sorry) characters with succinct details and convincing dialogue, lifting them above stock. For example, page one begins with a Mom and Dad driving into a small town with their sick son in the back, where one parent strikes me as entitled (though not explicitly stated) and the other just strikes. Evocative atmosphere and gothic architecture are painted without unnecessary brush strokes adding a spooky vibe with nods to vampire lore. The author has a lot of fun with mountain grandpap Silas Cooter. I definitely wouldn't decline sitting on ole Silas' porch, with a special brew, listening to him pick his banjo. The objectification, dismissal and sexism women endure on a daily basis is smartly included, though not heavy-handed. Code Red is like a very satisfying, but not fussy, meal cooked by your mom. I"m ready for seconds.
  2. Page Chewing episode 24 Branwen OShea @BranwenOShea 2h I forgot to change the price of The Calling back from the sales price, so now I’m going to extend the sale through Black Friday. How’s that for planned marketing? Anyways, if you need a SFF #hopepunk escape today, The Calling is on sale. Just sayin’… amazon.com/dp/1735915998 Page Chewing episode 22 Eve Koguce@EveKoguce Nov 23 BOOK SALE Celebrating my #NewRelease with a #booksale The Neglected Merge Trilogy FREE and 0.99 #KindleUnlimited “Though I am not usually a fantasy fan, this book had me hooked” "Super original, and engaging" Amazon reviews amazon.com/gp/product/B09FR4… Page Chewing episode 14 Bjørn Larssen reads DMs, checks in on Wednesdays@bjornlarssen 2h #BlackFriday sale! You can get my entire bibliography for $/€/£2.97 or equivalent. All stores, all countries, all escapism – into a brand new Universe, Iceland in 1920, or a worn out Universe with literal God-parents. → bjornlarssen.com ←
  3. Thank you @Katherine.Silva for sending over a complimentary copy of Hallowed Oblivion. The characters and their motivations are understandable, not mere plot devices. They confront the past and present, the internal and external in the wild and wonderful (apologies, WV) White Mountains. Crafting a compact, yet satisfying,, novelette takes skill. I'm impressed and eager to read more in The Wild Oblivion universe. Thanks again for this well polished, Shimmering Rock.
  4. Frank

    Hound disclosure

    Great pictures @Jolien Reads @Erin @Steve. Terror looking in the mirror seems resigned, "Damn, that's one good-looking dog, but definitely some added competition."
  5. I grabbed a couple of these ebooks.. Thanks @Steve for alerts like this, always appreciated!
  6. Slowing down, quality over quantity are necessary for me too, but my self restraint often fails. A big mistake is immediately jumping straight into the next book, getting "hoisted on my own patard," (Veep for the win, @Steve.) I have to keep reminding myself, chew your food, savor the meal. After life's tribulations, a night's rest processing recontextualizes so much. Everything looks differently in the morning, maddeningly all consuming issues the previous day can take on a new light, fuller perspective and aren't as big of a deal. Maybe some people can read a book per day, I'm fortunate completing one a week.
  7. Top-quality post, @BrandieNoel. Thank you for the spoiler-free reviews and excellent link recommendations. I am 2/5 into The Darkness That Comes Before, it's definitely 5 stars so far for me too and will, without a doubt, watch simplyred's video when finished. @Steve's conversation with Mark, Clayton Snyder and Michael R Fletcher was a riot, so much fun. Carrie has now moved up on my TBR.Stephen Graham Jones is interesting, he is highly respected, but the reviews I've seen have been decidedly mixed. What was the first book you read? I need to start Daniel Barnett's Nightmareland Chronicles soon. I joined https://www.the52book.club/'s 2022 Reading Challenge a year ago. Though I'm a few books behind, it has helped my reading so much, given me structure, motivation and a guide to read more this year than I have the past decade. The 2023 prompts should be out any day now, I can't wait. This was great, hope you're enjoying your weekend. Cheers.
  8. Hosting this site isn't free, neither is a podcast. The time and hardware needed here and over on youtube, as you know, are quite an investment. On top of all that, and more, are fools and freeloaders like me.
  9. Great picture and post, that sweatshirt is the best, even better when covered in pet hair. To paraphrase something I heard recently, 'Don't let your desire for books overtake your ability to read them.' If that"s my indictment, lock me up and throw away the key. Thanks, @Drew
  10. @Katerina, @Steve, @drpuffnstuff Thanks for the easy, informative conversation. I'm late to this series, discussion, and, frankly, dedicated reading in general. Your knowledge and appreciation is appreciated. The prologue had my head spinning, but the characters and world kept me a very willing reader. Bakker writes well, directly and considerately, underlines without seeming to repeat, it's just dense, as stated during the podcast. Katerina and Daniel are an excellent listen and Steve is a great host. My small brain (you're not the only one, Steve.) just connected moderator and moderation (my schoolboy mindset had no interest in this word at all). Being moderate is definitely part of coordinating a get together where everybody has comfortable space to share and listen. Steve, the skill, kindness, patience and curiosity you bring is impressive, simply thanks for all you do. On to Part 2, this will be fun, fun like a hole in the head, manipulation, mutilation and even more Darkness.
  11. @Steve Thanks. Having "automatic places" on by default is awful. Google knows better, but obviously doesn't care about the inevitable harassment, stalking and worse. To minors? Hopefully posts like these can prevent future abuse.
  12. Frank

    Elon Musk and Twitter

    Unfortunately, if lies and hate are repeated often enough, people, including the spewer, can start to believe it.
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