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  1. I’d love to host/co-host. 😀 But only if you let me bring cake and ice cream instead of pie 😛
  2. Interesting… does that mean you have read sword/dance martial arts forms in Cameron’s work? Gotta check them out pronto if so. I was really scratching my head on how to write about this. Big gap between intent and ability 😅
  3. I went down a rabbit hole of sword based dancing martial arts - as research for my May story. I ended up incorporating it a lot less than I would've liked, but I'm glad to have done the research - it's filed away for later use. I found the following martial arts for anyone interested Kalaripayattu - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalaripayattu#:~:text=Kalaripayattu is a martial art,and philosophies inspired by Hinduism. [Some of the hands-free stuff looks very similar to Aikido, so I'm intrigued about the origins/inter-relationships between these forms] Thang Ta - https://themanipurpage.tripod.com/culture/thangta.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_dance Some of the videos for these forms were a lot of fun to watch as well
  4. Thanks Steve! I'll think about the category/section name and DM you when I have good options Oh and I don't have much experience with Wordpress besides some vague development I tried to do for a website using a wordpress template, but I'm expecting that I'll be able to figure it out.
  5. Well I didn't make it on time because the draft I had at the end of May 31st was too ugly to submit, and I had a work meeting that prevented me from uploading it. I managed to get some edits in in the last few hours - I don't think it's improved a whole lot, but it's better than it was. In any case, I've uploaded it because completing the story is one of the hardest things I do every month, and I'm glad I made it even if late by a few hours
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I'm a bit late on the may entry, but wanted to upload anyway since I managed to bring it to a bit of a closure.
  7. I'd be interested in posting content when I start making videos more actively again. (Late June-ish). I would also be interested in writing occasionally for things that might be unwieldy to make videos about.
  8. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone I am now pumped to try and still do this. I have to sneak in some time between work to manage, but by my reckoning I have about 6 hours before it stops being the 31st of May anywhere in the world. Let's see if I can make it at least by then I've got half a draft done, will draft the rest, and try to submit even if it means I do no editing this time. 😐 @Thomas - We got this
  9. I have about resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to finish my story on time this month. I'll try to get something done by this weekend at least just so I can wrap up this month's prompt. I have it planned in my head, but haven't been able to make the time to write 😒
  10. I've still got 20 pages to go 🤣 Not a great reading week for me haha. @Steve, @The Fantasy Thinker, @chrisM, @Robyn bookends, @chibipoe - are we reading the next three chapters or the next 4 chapters for the next discussion (sorry if you mentioned this in the discussion video - I haven't caught up on it yet because I haven't finished reading chapter 😎
  11. Varsha

    Berserk Volume 13

    Ah! I had kinda given up on being able to catch up for tonight since we started a movie… now I’m tempted to try again 😂 I may have to skip this one though because I also have to go to the office tomorrow. I will see you all next week! Have a fun discussion! I will watch it when i finish the volume 😊
  12. Am still catching up on the last 30 pages. Will join the discussion if I manage to complete my reading in the next few hours between hanging out with my family 😊
  13. Varsha

    Berserk In 2023

    I couldn’t get to my required reading this week due to travel. I am trying to catch up in the next 4ish hours i have left before the discussion. Hope you all have a fun discussion in case I don’t see you today
  14. Sounds fantastic. Wish you all the best with your channel! Hopefully we shall get to collaborate at some point too!
  15. I'm in, and I'd love to do it podcast style. I'm so glad you're starting a re-read I was lowkey disappointed I discovered your channel/this forum when you were well into the read along already If you don't mind having me along for *yet another series*, I'd love to read a few chapters at a time for discussion
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